Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for June 5th to June 8th

Hello dear readers,

I am not when I will be able to make my live music picks into one large entry until then I hope you are enjoying the more managable two a week thing thats been going on. I know it has probably been frustrating what with all of the anticipation that surely builds up between each post of my live music picks. But oh what a glorious feeling when you realize that a show you were going to is recognized. Or maybe a show that your band is playing is mentioned. I honestly don't expect these posts to determine what shows you go to and don't go to. I just want to hopefully get you to click on a link or two and discover some local Portland indie-music that you might enjoy. That being said, here are my picks for the end of this week.

Thursday, June 5th

There are some good shows going down on Thursday. Anyone of these shows is going to be a good time.

  • As I mentioned in my last post, Pink Martini is playing several shows at The Crystal Ballroom benefiting a different cause with a different opening act. The opener for Thursday night is Stolen Sweets who, according to their website, play jazz of the western swing variety. The beneficiary of the evening is Outside In an organization which aims to better the lives of many homeless youth and marginalized people by teaching them to be self-sufficient. Sounds good to me. So if you are looking use that $25 to "pay it forward", then this would be a good opportunity as addmission is $25. The doors are at 7 PM and the ALL AGES show starts at 8 PM.
  • There is also the show I posted about previously that is hapeening at the Red and Black Cafe. This one features Two Ton Sloth, Letdown, and of course Otem Rellik. Sadly Two Ton Sloth had to cancel, but are replaced on the bill by PDX ambient guy Biltmore Drive. Letdown makes really awesome music that is mostly instrumental and builds layer upon layer until it is almost too gorgeous. If you missed Otem Rellik at East End on Monday now is your second chance. It was really cool then and it will be really cool on Thursday. Hooray for weird electronic/hip-hop/indie/whatever Portland music! The doors here are at 7PM.
  • Kelly's Olympian is having a PRA (Portland Radio Authority) curated show featuring PDX bands UHF, Go Fever, and Holiganship. Two of the bands, UHF and Go Fever are psychedelic rock bands and will most likely play trippy pop numbers. Hooligan ship is what I am interested though. At last years PDX Pop Now! they passed out 3D glasses for their mulitmedia performance which included a 3D animated film that projected on them when they played. It was a lot of fun. Their tunes on myspace don't do them justice but give you an idea of what to expect. The show is a mere $5. THe show starts at 9 PM.

Friday, June 6th

Guess what...thereare good shows on Friday.

  • Rererato is having a show with a band I have seen only once but completely swear by, Church. This show is in celebration of a new ep that Church is releasing. DoublePlusGood and Keepers (Seattle) are also playing. Seriously you should check it out. For someone who loves music I am pretty bad about describing it, but just check out the link to Church, okay. The ALL AGES show is $4. The show begins at 8 PM.
  • Here's something interesting. I usually don't like Blues based music, and yet Dante's is having a bluesy kind of show that I am interested in. Bark Hide and Horn is a band that I have been meaning to check out because I have heard good things. But the other bands playing, Cicada Omega and Sassparilla are both derivative of the blues in a different but really cool ways. It is a CD release show for Cicada Omega. The show is $6. The music starts at 9:30 PM.
  • Exit Only is having a show that is sure to get people to come out (at least it should). All Girl Summer Fun Band is playing along with Crayonsmith (Dublin, Ireland) and Boat (Seattle). AGSFB seem like they would put on a fun show. At least I would hope so with a name like that. And I just listened to Crayonsmith and they are super good. Plus my friend Fense of Fense Post is always going nuts about Boat. This ALL AGES show is probably really cheap? It starts at 8 PM.

Saturday, June 7th

These shows are what I am wanting to attend on Saturday but will most likely miss due to band practice. Please people, don't follow my lead. As it turns out if you play in three bands, you miss a lot of shows.

  • Holocene has been know to throw some truly amazing FREE shows. The reason is because on occasion they do in fact throw a truly amazing FREE show. Take for instance this Friday they are having The Shaky Hands, Starfucker, Horse Feathers, DJ Beyonda, and DJ Magic Beans all play. For FREE. I cannot state this enough. This is all part of a birthday party for Holocene. The doors are at 8 PM, but get there early because this will fill up fast. Its FREE!
  • The Artistery is having a show that I am kidna interested in. The Dead Science (Seattle) is playing there with Shelley Short. Now I have seen The Dead Science before and it wasn't really my thing, but I have heard Shelley Short before and I really dig her folk-pop tunes. There will be a $6 cover. The ALL AGES show starts at 8 PM.
  • Doug Fir is having a CD release party for Matt Sheehy's new album Tigerphobia. I listened to a track via local cut the other day and you can too if you click here. The Brothers Young, brothers of Richie of Loch Lomond, and Pwrfl Power (Brooklyn?). I have heard a lot of good things about Pwrfl Power and he has been through town a lot lately and I have missed every show. I will try to see this one. It is $7 at the door. The music starts at 9 PM sharp.

Sunday, June 8th

A lot of shows are going on for a Sunday.

Okay I am running out of time so I will just post this now. If you see me at any of these shows say hi.


Crow Canyon plays the Towne Lounge on Saturday. Yay!


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to throw in there about KAYLEE COLE at the TOWNE LOUNGE:
This girl is gonna be HUGE sometime in the next few years. She just recently re-taught herself piano and sings like regina spektor + leonard cohen...
Her recently found talent is spilling out of her in the most beautiful way and she already has fans like Nick Jaina who she will be recording with soon.
so, check her out in a tiny crappy venue while you can.

Anonymous said...

The Holocene show you are talking about is on Sat. w/ Horse Feathers, Starfucker, and The Shaky Hands. The have another great free show on Friday, but that is a different line -up !

Anonymous said...

I went to Kelly's and there was no Hooliganship. I was sad and confused.

aliagrace said...

This band is not local, but they are indie. I am going to see Crystal Castles at Backspace on Sunday. It should promise to be a fun, high-energy show.

The show starts at 9pm and is all ages. Tickets are $10.

Ben Meyercord said...

Sorry about the mistakes folks. I have updated some stuff.

Alia--You ar so right about the Crystal Castles. I really like their album. A Lot.

Ste. Goldie said...

Ben - Mogwai. Music Fest NW. Holy Shit. Do it.

Amber Dawn said...

Hey, I'm playing tonight! But you already mentioned it :D
(new century schoolbook)
I guess I don't have to go talk myself up now..

Ste. Goldie said...

Amber Dawn -- What time are you going on?