Sunday, June 22, 2008

More RoseDroppy PodCasty goodness...

We are sitting at 9 Muses listening to the Rosedrop Media Circus podcast (as usual for a Sunday) enjoying a beer or three (as usual for a day-ending-in-day).

According to the bartender, the cooler is colder than the pipes to the tap which is why the Lompoc LSD takes longer to pull than a Guinness... But that's neither here nor there, and seriously: if a slow-drawn pint of microbrew is your worst problem tonight, I envy you...

One of the other podcast regulars, Steve Griffiths (aka Grif) is recording tonight. Grif is a Brit (((anglophilegasm!!))) with a thousand brilliant stories of rock & roll. Once the post-production team (consisting of my husband and the host) work through the backlog (don't. even. ask.) you'll be able to hear Grif's anectodotes about building tube amps for Robin Trower and running the soundboard for Blue Oyster Cult.

PS. For those of you playing the CIMTB Home Game: Grif's son is Erik Anarchy.

Full Disclosure: I adore Grif because *not only* can he play guitar like a mofo and has a lovely eastern-brit accent, but in my pathetic egotistic self-indulgence: he's one of the very few people who still seems to think I'm some sort of rock star... No, I have no clue why he thinks I'm any particular sort of awesome... but he does and a fat girl needs bit of flattery at times, so who am I to judge?

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Ste. Goldie said...

Men who love women of respectable size tend to be my favorite... But I mostly love to surround myself with people who can tell a story! Summer is hear which means I go out more. I look forward to checking out the 9 Muses. Also, maybe someday I will check out Second Life... Is it like crack?