Sunday, June 15, 2008

September 1992: Portland, Oregon's Politically Charged Youth Fight For Gay Rights

If you are Portland/Vancouver native between the ages of 29 and 70 chances are you have at the very least a vague remembrance of the 1992 Oregon Citizens Alliance's ballot measure 9.

No On 9 Benefit, 09-10-92 at Portland Meadows

I remember sitting in the senior lounge, even though I was a freshman and watching all of my friends walk in with 'No On 9' purple stickers on their jeans. I laughed because ballot measure 9 at the time was on the Oregon ballot. My high school was in Brush Prairie, Washington but thought it was cool under age voters gave a shit about gay rights. Especially since we were in small Christmas tree and filbert farming community Brush Prairie, Washington.

Plus Kurt Cobain attacked Axel Rose for being a homophobe! That was so cool. Clash of the titans!

Side Note:
Presidential hopeful John McCain spoke at a OCA fund raiser in 1993.
The the former head of the homophobic OCA had the gayest name ever; Lon Mabon.

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emilywilde said...

I was in middle school and I remember the no on 9 ballot measure. I think I've even seen some random out dated stickers on really old cars in the last year or so. well, maybe 1?

Adam Steinfink said...

this is the best post so far! it is so topical; pride, politics, and the past. All tied together with a bow!

Ste. Goldie said...

Emily WIlde -- I remember feeling empowered. I was able to tell the hillbillies, in their own language, why they should think twice before calling someone a fag. I told them they wouldn't be caught dead calling someone a nigger. When I was in high school Yo! MTV Raps was on. The football team would beat you up if you used that word. For white America that is kinda a big deal.

I explained to them. "Fag" means "nigger". I asked them, "what if that was your brother? your sister?"

Yes. Some of them scorned me. But I didn't care. I had heard of a thing called 'the law of averages'. I told it to the mountain bitches.

I became the confessional booth of all the bi, queer, tranny's in the whole school.

Bite me Dan Savage. The fag hag? The misunderstood straight girl with bi tendencies is only person who should get a unflinching guest list pass. If she was there for you it means she wasn't with a man who could satisfy her. Give a little respect cunt whore. Yeah you Nick Leyva. Add me as your friend on myspace you little bitch.

ing_genest said...

I remember the NO on 9 phenom...Ah, back in the day, Goldie!
I remember Blue Stocking (that feminist free newspaper) and how excited I was when the printed my letter to the editor telling them how fucking cool some kids were in the burbs, farming communities, etc that we grew up in. I also remember getting my underage ass into every bar & club in PDX at that time (didn't I get you into a few?).
And I've always had an issue w/ the term 'fag hag'. I love my friends and they don't need any extra labels adhered to them--if they're gay men, they're gay. Gay girl, lesbian...big f'in deal. Hetro=vanilla, stright, whatever.
rambling. just woke up, need more sleep.