Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Tuesday, January 18th

Hello Dear Readers,

Last night I went into the studio to record some Meyercord tacks. It went well, but I was done with music for the day when it was done. Here are the shows that look good to me:

Bar Bar is having a show with Pancake Breakfast and Porches. Bunk Bar has been having some good shows lately. I have not been to any of them because most of them start at 10 which is a little late for my preferences. Pancake Breakfast is to my preferences. There are a lot of them and they are a lot of fun to see. They get down. They will make you get down. I think you have to understand. Porches play gorgeous experimental folk. There are a lot of strings and a lot of group vocals mixed with leader Alan Smith's breathy vocals. I really like it. The show is FREE and starts at 10 PM.

Ella Street is having a show with The We Spilled Milk and Spillway (Seattle). The We Spilled Milk is a band that I want to see. Their music is of the rock variety but what I notice and like immediately is the vocals. They are dramatic in a way that you either love or hate. Since I am writing about it, you know which camp I am in. Spill way is a band that I ma not familiar with, but it seems to be indie rock with interesting dynamic shifts and a yelping front man somewhere between les savvy fav and modest mouse. This show is FREE and starts at 9 PM.

Laughing Horse Books is having a show with Zoo Girl, Your Rival, Grandfather (Chico), and Hail the Sun. Zoo Girl play music that I have a very soft spot for. I am not going to say emo. But I know that it reminds me of being in college and listening to early cursive or something like that. Just saying. Your Rival seems like a pop band. Grandfather is a post-hardcore progressive band and therefore have a lot of cool musical parts. It gets kinda nutty. Hail the Sun call themselves a "post-progrock group" in their bio. I can see that. They also have a lot of cool stuff happening. It gets weird. The ALL AGES show is $5 and starts at 8 PM.

If you see me at either of these shows please say, "Hi".


Zoo Girl @ Potlatch Presents 1 Year Anniversary from oknowitsfuntime on Vimeo.

Zoo Girl plays at Laughing Horse Books tonight.


Hannah said...

Backspace is also hosting the volunteer meeting for PDX Pop Now! There won't be live music but you can sign up to be one of the people that listen and vote on all the tracks submited for the 2011 comp. It's pretty rad and easy peasy!

LuckyGirl13 said...

hey umm i know that this is probably taking advantage of your blog but can you look at my blog and see what you think of it. could you make some suggestions?