Friday, January 7, 2011

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Friday, January 7th

Hello Dear Readers,
Yowzers. I may have become boring. Or maybe I am just adjusting to working again, but I got tired way early last night. at about 9 last night I was ready to call it a day. Please bands, will you play in my house until I fall asleep and then quietly pack all your gear and take it away so that in the morning it seems like it was all a pleasant dream? Unless I start throwing house shows, I will get nothing even close to that experience. Not that I imagine that throwing house shows is necessarily a pleasant thing (however fun it may be). But this has nothing to do with what shows are happening tonight. I will rant no more. Here are the shows that I think look good:

Speaking of house shows, 6524 NE Garfield Ave. is having one with Caravels (Henderson, NV), Octaves (Baltimore), Girlfriends. Though I doubt that any of these bands would could lull anyone into sleep. Both Caravels and Octaves play loud music that has plenty of screaming. Not particularly my thing. Except when paired with cool music. Which both do. Those of you who regularly read the blog know that I am crazy about Duck Little Brother Duck. I urge you to please listen to them and go to their shows and make them as popular as they should be. Also I have been meaning to check out Girlfriends for a while. It is the one man phenomenon that is Jerry Joiner. These two groups are just two of the growing somewhat mathy music scene that is happening right now. Um. Actually this is just speculation on my part. The ALL AGES show is $5 and starts at 7:30 PM.

East End is having a Captian Couch Records showcase with Palo Verde, Lamprey, and Zsmoke. As far as I can tell Captain Couch Records is a new label that caters to those who like heavy music. Also only one of these bands, Lampery, is officially on the Captain Couch Records roster. Also I am wondering if it is pronounced couch that you sit on, or like the street is pronounced (a.k.a. the way the makes me giggle). But basically I think that Palo Verde is an amazing heavy band that is mostly instrumental and also mostly improvised. The show is probably for FREE or cheap and probably starts at 9 PM.

The Woods is having a show with Brothers Young, Pony Village and Total Noise. I like Brothers Young. No other band in Portland sounds like them. They have a cool unison voice thing going for them that sets them apart. It reminds me of Beta Band. Pony Village is a great indie pop rock band. Ryan Barber is the man who crafts the little gems that make up their output. Total Noise is a band that I have not been too well acquainted with, but I like what I have heard. A lot. It is pop to the core but in a very fresh way. The show is $7 and starts at 9 PM.

Mississippi Studios is having a show with Celilo, The Parson Redheads, and Norman. I feel there are two kinds of indie music appreciators: those who like a bit of Indie leaning Americana and those who hate it. I love me some faux country tunes. Portland has more than her fair share of bands that offer variations of Americana or Roots music or whatever. Celilo is a great example it is has elements of many genres but still fits well beneath the Americana umbrella. They did a UK tour a few months ago. Proving that other countries love "Americana" too. The Parson Red Heads also serve up country rock tunes. I believe they have a new record in the works. They know their way a great group harmony. Norman, again a solid example of the NW country rock. Love it or hate it. The show is $7 and starts at 9 PM.

You will not see me tonight but if you did, I would have suggested you say, "Hi".


The Parson Red Heads play tonight at Mississippi Studios.

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