Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Saturday, January 15th

Hello Dear Readers,

Last night I did not make out to a show. I believe that I was too tired from playing a show the previous night and having to go to work early in the morning just killed the drive to go out last night. But Tonight, who knows? Maybe I will be crazy and see all the shows. I mean, I won't . But maybe I will see at least one. Here is what looks good to me, show wise:

The food carts at 50th and SE Division is having a show with Padraic Finbar Hagerty-Hammond and Like a Villain. I love both of these acts. Padriac Finbar Hagery-Hammond writes some of the best songs in town. Anytime he writes a new one, I am excited to hear it. He writes songs filled with heart, worry, and self deprecation. What's not to love? Like a Villain is Holland Andrews solo project. You may know her from playing with me in Meyercord, or perhaps you have seen her in the amazing new line up of The Ocean Floor. But Like a Villain is where she truly shines. Her looped vocals, looped clarinet, looped glockenspiel, and looped percussion are all perfectly arranged to make a bed of music for her dramatic vocal outbursts. It is not music that you can ignore. It pulls you in. For real. The ALL AGES show is FREE and starts at 6:30 PM.
The Press Club is having a show with Kelly Blair Bauman and Duover. Press Club shows are great. They are small and intimate. A perfect place to see music like the great acoustic duo of Duover. They make beautiful harmonies and pour out songs as if they weren't even trying. Kelly Blair Bauman is someone that I have yet to see, despite really liking his music. He is definitely of the Americana pop variety of songwriter. His record is usually all fleshed out with wonderful arrangements. I bet it is scaled back a bit tonight. That is always fun to see. The show is FREE and starts at 8:30 PM.

The Woods is having a show with Themes, James Apollo (Libertyville, AK), and Sexo Tropico. Themes is a guy and a guitar and a girl and piano. But instead of being boring coffee shop music, it is good and dark indie rock. Jasey voice is low and often plays the baritone guitar. Kelsey voice is very sweet. When they sing together, which they often do, it is something special. James Apollo is the fist musician I have ever heard of from Libertyville. I didn't know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised to hear the out of tune piano and shaker driven brush beat on the catchy "Happiness" (the first song on his myspace player). It sounds like promising folk pop. Sexo Tropico sounds really happy. They are almost bouncy in their indie pop tunes. I have never seen them. The jury is still out on them. The show is $8 and starts at 9 PM.

The Knife Shop is having a show with (((In Mono))), What Hearts, and Pluvial. This show does not really make any sense. I am kinda drawn to it for that reason. (((In Mono))) is Paul Lynch. I have heard of his other moniker DJ Tan't. Anyway this project is big beats sometimes distorted with electric guitars also sometimes distorted. I believe it to be a one man band kind of situation and I would be surprised if a laptop was not involved. So of course pair this up with the beautiful all female three part harmonies that What Heart produces. I have wanted to see them since I first heard them. It just sounds so good. So why not round the evening out with the post rock drums and bass duo. Everything David "Papi" Fimbres touches is golden. This band is a great example. It is minimal instrumentation for maximum instrumental post rock that isn't boring (let's be honest a lot of instrumental post rock is really really boring). You can get Pluvial's album for FREE here The show is $5 and starts at 9 PM.

If you see me at one of the shows please say, "Hi". I will instantly like you.


Padriac Finbar Hagerty-Hammond plays with Like a Villain at 50th and Division Street Carts. Awesome!

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