Thursday, October 30, 2008

One more reason why I love Dolly Parton!

Dolly Parton cares about WHITE SPACES! She really does! You didn't think anyone but stupid Goldie knew about this right?:

Dolly Parton Joins Turf Fight Over White Space

Dear Readers and Bloggers of CIMTB,

You know that I am into civil rights, freedom of speech and media reform. Over the past year of being an avid blogger and volunteer for a start-up online community (remember I have immersed myself in cyberspace culture. I have learned how important it is to keep the internet free.

Listen, I know you are busy. I know some of you think I am trying to hard to get your attention about the issues I care about. I don't like to preach to the choir that is why I am preaching to you.

"The Choir" is a bunch of people who see the current positive aspects of free internet -- they don't just play WOW, download porn. The Choir believes that The Internet is an essential tool for technical, medical and social innovations, global collaborative efforts to fund raise and educate mass amounts of people.
Remember, people having political house parties and teleconference all because they organized online (i'm not gonna go on a tirade)...

"The Choir" cares about Net Neutrality and the potential of having UNIVERSAL WI-FI through what is called WHITE SPACES and have already called their elected officials. They know that if corporations are trying to buy (STEAL) the "white spaces" I've talked over the past few days about from the people they will have purchased the LARGEST Wireless network imaginable.

They know something you don't know. That is why they take action. Spend a couple minutes educating yourself about the issues I talk about and YOU WILL GET IT. I swear. It's not complicated. Once your eyes are open to this YOU WILL GET IT. You will be glad you spent the small amount of time learning. Hopefully you will educate others... Better than me.

Here's the deal:

You use the internet. If you are in a band, you defiantly know how important Myspace, Facebook, blogs are to getting you music out.

This is an issue everyone I know can get behind.

If you are voting this year for Barrack Obama -- why don't you make a change and call your Senator and Representative and do something for future generations.

I really love you. And I really love freedom of information! That is why I am telling you about this. Freedom of Speech and a Free Internet has the potential to save everyone, including the blacks, gays, farmers, people with cancer, born agains, basically every PERSON. Freedom of speech and free internet will not save Comcast, At&t and the National Association of Broadcasters, you know corporations, the entities this shitty government cares more about than human beings.

Here are the phone numbers again. Please call by November 4th.
That is when the FCC will have their vote on the issue of White Spaces:

Senator (R-Oregon) Gordon Smith
Phone: (202) 224-3753 / (503) 326-3386

Senator (D-Oregon) Ron Wyden
Phone: (202) 224-5244 / (503) 326-3386

Representative (D-Oregon) Earl Blumenauer
Phone: (202) 225-4811 / (503) 231-2300

Senator: (D-Washington) Patty Murray
Phone: (202) 224-2621 / (206) 553-5545

Senator: (D-Washington) Maria Cantwell
Phone: (202) 224-3441 / (206) 220-6400

Representative (D-Brian Baird)
Phone: (202) 225-3536 / (360) 695-6292

Here is what you can say:

"I am calling to urge you to make sure the Federal Communications Commission does not further delay a set of new rules that would open up the empty television channels -- often referred to as "white spaces" -- for innovative broadband services. The FCC must act now to give back our airwaves for much needed broadband services that would help bridge the digital divide, lower broadband costs for consumers, and jump-start our economy through new investment in technology. The FCC has scheduled a vote on this issue for Nov. 4th. Please urge the FCC Chairman to stick to this date and open up the TV white spaces. Thank you."

learn about Net Neutrality
http://www. savetheinternet. com/=101
learn about White Spaces:

Because I love you:

Ste. Goldie

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