Thursday, October 23, 2008


reading is a very fresh way to learn

Just a quick reminder I'll be spinning some records (Jib Kidder, Ghostface, Del, Eyedea & Abilities, RUN DMC, MF Doom, etc.) in between acts @ Dunes Friday night for Travis Wiggins CD release.

Also super psyched for Dismal City's own Sleepyhead who also has a new record out. I hope he brings some copies for sale, because I have yet to cop one. He's also going to be performing with his cousin Jeff on bass which should be sweet.

Rounding out the bill is my homie David aka Tacodrum aka Papi aka paper/upper/cuts who, in addition to having more nom de plumes than Method Man, is rushing over to the spot after playing a gig earlier in the evening with Secret Powers @ The Artistery.
Been looking forward to this show for quite a while. Holla back surgery.

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travis wiggins said...

I'm playing at thee chaos cafe & parlor on se powell tomorrow night w/ colin jones & ahnli. free 7:30. all ages and booze w/ proper i.d.