Monday, October 27, 2008

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for October 27th and 28th

Hello Dear Readers,

I need to get better at what I am doing. Despite my best efforts to keep you guys informed, I neglected to list a grip of good show that happened over the weekend. There were performances by Loch Lommond, Dat'r, Dirty Mittens, Hide and Go Hustle, David Kyle and the Invisibles, a third Church show, and Love Menu. I ended up seeing the Hide and Go Hustle and David Kyle show at Valentine's last night. It was pretty good. David has been recording some new songs he has been working on and has quietly been working on a full band. No word as to when the live band will make its debut, but I am looking forward to it. Also I was really impressed by Hide and Go Hustle. I have heard really good things about them and have almost gone and seen them before and am now kicking myself for not doing so. They play Cello and guitar based instrumental post-rock that makes use of a lot of drum samples and programing. Though the sound was less than perfect (the cello was a bit treble-y) I definitely got a sense of what was going on and I liked it a lot. Anyway here are some shows that are happening this week. Hopefully I got them all but if not please let me know.

Monday, October 27th

Here are a couple things going on tonight.

  • Mississippi Pizza is the host of a show by Two Step Slumber a band that I came across while making last weeks picks. They have peaked my interest. So if gothic americana is your thing (its one of my many "things") then you might want to check this show out. It is FREE and starts at 9 PM (though if you are into spelling bees, you should come at 7 PM).
  • Tube is having a show featuring Here Comes a Big Black Cloud. I think that this time of year (Halloween) is the perfect time to see this band kick out their sci-fi-zombie-rockabilly-or-whatevs jams. There is no cover listed so it might be FREE. The show is most likely at 9 PM.

Tuesday, October 28th

A couple more shows for you to attend.

  • Annie Bethancourt's fairwell to Portland show. Annie, a sometimes Portlander, is going away for many months and will be throwing a farewell show. This will feature many of her friends, myself (Meyercord) included (plus I know that Jacob White will be there as well). You may remember Annie as the gorgeous voice on "Taking it Slow" or our rendition of Silent Night last Christmas. The Show has a suggested donation of $5 and starts at 9 PM.
  • Also Reretato is having a show on Tuesday. They are having two Parisian bands, Elmapi and Matterlink, play with three local bands, Ed Edwards Mukis, Ah Holly Fam'ly, and Sandwich to create an international showcase of music. Mostly I mention this show because I like what I have heard of Ah Holly Fam'ly and have been guaranteed that the live show is not to be missed. This is an ALL AGES affair with a $4 donation. The show stars at 7 PM.

So if your aren't doing anything and want to be, I don't know...doing something, I suggest checking out our florishing local music scene. And if you see me at any of these shows, be sure to say "Hi".


Annie Bethancourt will play with her friends on Tuesday at Mississippi Pizza.

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