Friday, October 31, 2008

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for October 31st to November 2nd

Hello Dear Readers,

Lets just jump right into this.

Friday, October 31st

Happy Halloween! In case you aren't going to some crazy party, here is a short list of shows that are happening tonight.

  • Audiocinema is having a Trick or Vote show that is being put on in association with Bus Project. There are several Trick or Vote concerts being held across the nation, but being in the Portland area we just might have the best one. We have Blind Pilot, Blue Giant, and DJ Beyonda. I really love Blind Pilot's music. They were one of the highlights of this year's PDX Pop Now! where I first saw them. Blue Giant is the kinda super group of members of Viva Voce, Swords Project, The Quails, and The Decemberists (that Chris Funk sure gets around). The show is $10 and starts at 8 PM. Please feel free to dress up in your costume for this one.
  • Also, if I am not mistaken, tonight is the last show ever at Rererato. The show features Flaspar, Yellow Crystal Star, Death Worth Living, and Gay Deceivers. This is another experimental music show, which is what Rererato has built its reputation on and a perfect way to close out this venue. This ALL AGES show starts at 7 PM with $4 donation cover. And of course, you should feel free to dress up in a costume in this one too.
  • Reynold's House (933 SE Reynold St.)is having a pretty cool house show with Trifina Trifosa, Wampire, Aeries Palisade, Such an Offering from the Eels, and Infinante Bodies. Check out these bands and if you like them, then head out. I think its FREE, and I know its ALL AGES.

Saturday, November 1st

Happy Dia de Los Mortes! There are a bunch of shows going on Saturday as well. Good ones too.

  • Backspace is having a Dia de Los Mortes with Copy, Atole, Guidance Counselor, Explosivo, and DJ Linoleum. This should be a very fun show, a costume dance party if you will (at least thats what the poster says). The show is ALL AGES and $5. It starts at 8 PM.
  • There is also a show with Y La Bamba at the Purple Church House (824 NE Church) in celebration of the dead. The music will be sometime after 9 PM
  • There are other kinds of shows too. The Coop is hosting a Los Moustachios presentation. This one is a an election themed one with music provided by Autopilot is for Lovers and Chores. It should be amusing. If you are not familiar with Los Moustachios, they make amusing things. The show is ALL AGES is will cost a mere two bucks. It starts at 8 PM.
  • Then of course, there the good shows that are just good shows. The Artistery is having a CD release show for Ryan Bouchard's (formerly The Robot Ate Me) new album "SEEDS". Gabe Hascall (ex-Slowreader) and Emperor X will be playing. This should be an awesome show. This ALLAGES show is $6 and starts at 8 PM.
  • The Banana Stand (Arrested Development reference?) is something that I am not too familiar with, but they are having a show that is worth going to on Saturday. Basically they have these shows and then they put them on the internet for free later. If you want to actually attend one of these shows, you need only to email them at and they will send you details. Explode into Colors, Dat'r, Meth Teeth, and Mannequin Head are are playing sets for this "Halloween Hangover" show. Thats a lot of bands. The ones I have heard of are good. It is a FREE ALL AGES show at 4 PM.

Sunday, November 2nd

There are actually quite a few shows going on for a Sunday.

  • Lewis and Clark College (0615 SW Palatine Hill Rd., Portland, Oregon 97219) are having a bit of a repeat of the show that happened the previous night at Artistery. That is to say that both Ryan Bouchard and Emperor X will be playing this show. But there are more bands this time around: Black Ships (Montreal), Snake Plissken, Ghost and Mysteries. The show is put on by KLC the Lewis and Clark radio station and will be FREE to Lewis and Clark Students ($3 to anyone else). It all starts at 5 PM.
  • The Doug Fir is having a show with Day of Lions, Double Dutch, and Henry Clay People (Glendale and Irvine, CA). I have enjoyed Day of Lions shows in the past and like that her latest album has a touch of country to it. I saw Double Dutch and was not really all that impressed with the live show, but the recordings are so good that I would gladly give them another chance. And The Henry Clay People sound real good. This show is $7 and starts at 9 PM.
  • Rontoms is having one of their Sunday shows. This one will feature the excellent indie-rock of The Blue Horns. This group is very fun to see play. High energy and fun. As with all of these shows, it will be FREE and start at 9:30 PM.

So I hope you make it out to some of these shows. I hope I make it out to some of these shows.


Blind Pilot, not actually blind, play Trick or Vote tonight at Audiocinema


Dr. Something said...

Just a note that Curious Hands will also be playing with The Blue Horns at Rontoms, and they're totally badass!

Amber Dawn said...

thanks for the picks! I'll be at backspace tonight seeing chrome wings (w parts&labour and gowns)
btw I think it's dia de los muertes

Ben Meyercord said...

Whatevs. I missed Chrome Wings by mere minutes the other day at Holocene. :(