Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Thursday Ausgust 24th

Hello Dear Readers,

So I am scheduled to work tonight until 1:30 am. That means that I can't see any shows tonight. The thing is that I will be working at Wieden & Kennedy. Tonight Daniel Johnston is doing a performance there for his Space Ducks art show in their lobby. Anyway here are the shows going on tonight. Check it out:

Hotel deLuxe is having the Top Down: Rooftop Cinema. Basically this is a series bands playing on top of Hotel deLuxe followed by the screening of a movie. It is a great idea. I have only been to one, but it was a lot of fun. Tonight they have Hosannas play a set followed by a screening of Goldfinger. If you have not seen Hosannas before, you are missing out. They are really cool. They are always tweaking old songs and playing new ones. They are currently a duo of brothers Brandon and Richard Laws. They make use of a few keyboards, sampler, guitar and great use of vocals. They have amazing sense of dynamics and a aesthetic that seems very honed. They have a hint of chillwave with their programmed beats and cool guitar tones. And you can't much cooler that James Bond. The show is $9 and starts at $9 and starts at 8 PM.

WTF Bikes is having a show with The Ocean Floor, James Rabbit (Santa, Cruz), Zach Jammin', and Shelby Sifers. The Ocean Floor is one of my favorite bands. Lane Barrington has made some great music over the years. In the past year he has also assembled a great band. It includes Shannon Rose Steele (violin and vocals), Holland Andrews (clarinet and vocals), and William Wienert (stand up bass). James Rabbit is a very fun sounding guy from Santa Cruz. I think I met him along time ago when he was living with Rachel Williams (Birds Fled From Me and Sleepy Suns). Shelby Sifers is someone who writes very good songs and who I have not seen in a very long time. I know that she has been making music of a more electronic variety as part of Peacock Dreams. But I first fell in love with her songs as just her and an acoustic guitar. The show is by donation and starts at 7:30 PM.

Holocene is having a show called Intuitive Navigation. The bands are Midday Veil (Seattle), Swahili, Golden Retriever, Billions & Billions, and Black Science (Seattle). I have written about most of these more experimental bands before. But this is more than just a music performance. Here is what the website said about the event, "INTUITIVE NAVIGATION invites like-minded performers from Portland and Seattle to transform the atmosphere of Holocene into a hypnotic, self-reflective zone. Five bands will showcase the spectrum of possibility found in psychedelic music while focusing on one central goal: to unite concertgoers in a similar consciousness of meditative bliss. Bands will pair up with at least one dancer and one visual artist for costumed performances which celebrate the act of ritual -- a mode of expression as symbolically cathartic as it is aesthetically pleasant. Drawing inspiration from philosophers of mythology such as Joseph Campbell, C.G. Jung, and Alan Watts, performers will explore the ways in which decisive physical actions, when imbued with the intentions of their authors, can become healing and transcendent acts." Neat. The show is $5 and 8 PM.

Mississippi Studios is having a show with Grass Widow, Blood Beach, XDS, and Nature. Grass Widow is a band that I have kept hearing a bout for awhile now. I just listened to them. It sounds really cool. There are female vocals and it is rock music. It touches on early 90's indie-pop but still manages to seem fresh. Blood Beach is a bout as psychedelic as a band can get. XDS is a cool art rock duo that packs quite a punch. Think lots of amps and one guitar. Nature seems to make proto-rock with vocals buried underneath several waves of reverb. Cave person rock? The show is $12 and starts at 9 PM.

Edgefield is having a show with The Decemberists, Okkervil River, and Point Junture, WA. Say what you will about The Deceberists, but they do have some good songs. I know I would love to see them play some of the old stuff. I have not really gotten into most of their recent output, but I am glad to see a Portland band do as well as they have. Plus they always seem to support good local bands by having said band support them. Case in point. Point Juncture WA. This is a great band. I love them and they deserve any break they can get. They have a new album out, Handsome Orders out now. They have a very sweet sounding indie rock sound. It keeps getting refined with every album. I have heard of Okkervil River. They are supposed to be good. The show is $38 and starts at 6 PM.

If you see me at any of these shows please say, "hi". That would be super.


The Ocean Floor play tonight at WTF Bikes. Be amazed.

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