Friday, August 12, 2011

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Friday August 12th

Hello Dear Readers,

You know what? I found that it is difficult to do the blog as regularly as I used to. That being said, I will do it as often as I can. I am still trying to keep on top of what is happening. I am still listening to new bands. I am still keeping my ears open for new Portland bands. Anyway, here are the shows that are happening tonight. Check it out:

Doug Fir is having a show with Y La Bamba, Wild Ones, and Death Songs. Many of you know that I play bass and sing in Y La Bamba. That is why I am listing the show first. Duh. Anyway if you have not heard us, Y La Bamba is a very vocal heavy indie rock band that incorporate aspects of folk and Latin percussion to create a bed for our lead singer Luzelena's amazing voice. Tonight we are finally releasing last year's album, Lupon, on vinyl. I am so stoked. We are playing with Wild Ones, a great pop band with a rapidly increasing reputation. They are formed from the ashes of Congratulations! which was formed from the ashes of Eskimo & Sons. If you are looking for the soundtrack to your summer, I think that you should check out there website where they offer all of their music at a name your price rate. You should download them and prepare for tonight's show. They just released a new single two days ago. I had seen them play it live, but their recordings are great because singer Danielle Sullivan adds harmonies that are sadly not part of the live show. Death Songs is a band that is a direct off shoot of the more well known Shaky Hands band. Originally I thought this was just a side project, but now they are playing more and more shows. Plus I think The Shaky Hands are on hiatus as far as I know. The songs are just as good. There is a slightly different feel, but it is still a really fun project. The show is $12 and starts at 9 PM.

The International Rose Test Garden is having a show with Blue Cranes. This is a collaboration between The Cranes, one of my favorite live bands, and NW Dance Project. The performance is comprised of dancers that have choreography tailored specifically to the jazz that The Blue Cranes create. I love the expressiveness of their music. I can only imagine what expressiveness a person who's job it is to express himself/herself by means of their body will offer. Plus it is in the Rose Garden. I have been there a few times this summer already and can attest to it's beauty. The show is FREE and starts at 6 PM.

Proper Eats is having a show with Michael Hurley. Michael Hurley is really enjoyable to watch perform. It is kind of crazy, but I had not seen him until Y La Bamba played a festival with him in Nelson, Ohio. He plays weird back porch count folk. He peppers his performances with little stories and funny little asides. The show is FREE and starts at 7 PM.

Disjecta is having Quiet Music Fest of Portland. Artist Chris Johanson curated the show which will the festival features "special performances by a spectrum of bands from across the country, highlighting this unique genre of "emotional, vibrant and low volume" music." Today will feature the music of Sun Foot, Kyp Malone (TV on The Radio), Tom Greenwood (of Jackie O Motherfucker), The Golden Bears, Larry Yes, and Franklin's Mint. The ALL AGES show is $7-12 and starts at 8 PM.

If you see me at The Doug Fir show please say, "hi". That would be ideal.


Come get your copy of Y La Bamba's Lupon on Vinyl tonight on Vinyl at Doug Fir!

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