Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blog with us!

One of CIMTB's goals for 2009 is to find bloggers to help diversify our content. We want new voices. We want to hear new voices that keep it real, funny, absurd, whateve's. You don't have to be "cool" you just have to speak your mind.

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Crappy Indie Music wants you to blog with us:
  • You are in a band: write about venues, shows you went to, your friends bands, touring, tips for other musicians, compliments and complaints about and and all things listed above or whatever
  • You love to blog: share your favorite online video, blog, wise cracks, photo's, you know whatever you want to blog about as it pertains to Portland music and/or loose affiliation with. Do you have friends you think make kick ass videos, music, photo's? Tell us about them. Maybe you make your own videos... Blog them here so people can see them.

  • You love music: you listen online, you have favorite Portland, Oregon, Vantucky bands, you might throw house shows, maybe you are heavily into one genre of music (punk, jazz, folk, synth pop, drum and bass, hip hop etc.) and want to share the word about it by listing shows you would recommend.

  • You hate music: you listen to music and it makes you mad. You might have a beef with aspects of Portland music, venues, bands, etc
Crappy Indie Music is at the cusp of running a promotional campaign to draw readers into our Portland-centric, unique, personal, uncensored, indie, blog. Our readers are local AND national musicians, critics, fanatics and music lovers. We are a unique voice for Portland's ever growing and increasingly nationally recognized music community. The CIM bloggers are the people who make the scene go round. We are musicians, critics and music lovers. We are documenting what goes on right now.

Crappy Indie Music is a place for people who want to speak frankly with others. Blogs are conversations. I have found more music THAT I ACTUALLY like from the bloggers and readers (can I get a witness). I have found like minded people and people that challenge my point of view.

If you are a writer, blogger, musician that is looking for exposure or simply want to help shape Portland's music community come blog with us.

If you want to blog let me know and I can get you set up right away. Have questions? Leave a comment or email me: goldiedavich@gmail.com


Ste. Goldie


Dr. Something said...

I'd love to do some blogging, possibly with a focus on trying to cover some of the jazz and old time music in town, but I'm leaving Portland for a few months. I could definitely do some PDX Crappy Indie™ blogging when I get back this summer.

Ste. Goldie said...


A few of us meet up last week to get our picture taken (for a certain project of which you have some knowledge of but of which I am not formally speaking about just yet). We were talking about our readers and YOU came up. We were talking about how you coined the phrase "shows have become something to endure". We all loved that comment. I still haven't blogged about that phrase but maybe you can do it for us. I will send an invite to blog. Use it however you like. If you want to post a blog before you leave, while you are gone or when you come back go for it!

I look forward to reading about jazz. I was hoping someone would want to contribute in that department. You don't have to limit yourself to that though... YAY!

Dr. Something said...

Cool! Thanks for the blog invite. I'll see if I can think of a good way to expound upon the 'shows as endurance test' theme in blog form.

Dave Depper said...

I believe I am interested in such a venture. Not sure I have the time, but who knows? What should I do?

Ste. Goldie said...

HI Dave - send me an email so I can invite you. in the subject line say "i want to blog". As far as time is concerned, a blog post can me simply a photo or video with a little bit of text. If you already have an idea for a blog post do it and see how it feels!