Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Advertising/marketing/SEO firm run music blogs cool or loads of crap?

Dear Readers and Bloggers, I have a bone to pick and I want your feedback.

I have a problem with advertising, marketing and SEO firm's marketing themselves as INDIE. Especially when they are suppose to be talking about INDIE MUSIC. I'm not a punk rocker who has a code of ethics up my butt, but come on! Advertising, marketing and SEO company's can NOT afford to pay their bloggers to write GOOD content. They can't do it. Unless they are a HUGE company with millions of dollars of revue for their one account who needs a music blog BLOGGERS DON'T GET PAID SHIT. These company's buy blogs that are linked in with good keywords to the demographic they are trying to reach. And then they turn that blog into a gateway into their company. You will notice how boring and irrelevant the content becomes if you see this happen.

For the love of search engines I am not going to write out the name of one of them but I will spell it for you:

t h e s t o n e w a i l e r . c o m

DO NOT GOOGLE IT! use this link if you must: crap

This particular blog USE TO be run by and actual human music lover. We used to have a little blog crush on each other. Leaving comments, sending emails about how great we are etc. One day I get an email from the original creator. He asked me if I knew of anyone who would buy his blog. I didn't know of anyone. In retrospect he was, like me trying to figure out a way to capitalize on our obsession. I hadn't thought about it before. Who would buy a music blog? I know blogs are serious Internet marketing tools. I can tell you all about that later. He found a buyer. After the Stone-W. fell off of the first page of a Google search I forgot about them. Didn't even wonder what happened to the blog or who bought it.

AND THEN TONIGHT I was geeking out on Google Analytics. I start typing keywords to see where Crappy Indie Music shows up. I typed the words Portland Indie Music. Expecting to see Dave Allen at #1 (marketing genius! he changed the URL of his site to p o r t l a n d i n d i e m u s i c . com) -- I see THE S T O N E W A I L E R as number one! Not only that but apparently they have an office with a Portland address. WTF? I ask myself.

What the fuck indeed. It's all bullshit. It's not a real music blog. I didn't spend much time on it because I HATE HATE HATE HATE to give traffic to fake bloggers like that. I might have to do more recon to get the real dirt on these guys.

DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE! Not all #1's on Google searches are golden. Especially not in a small potato town like Portland were everyone is trying to make a buck on the cheap.

Do you know why I care? Because THEY ARE NOT the authority on PORTLAND OREGON INDIE MUSIC or NEW PORTLAND MUSIC or COOL INDIE MUSIC or DISCOVER PORTLAND MUSIC whatever fucking keywords they use.

People of the world! I ask you: Are advertising/marketing/SEO firm run music blogs cool or crap?

Someday Crappy Indie Music will take the #1 slot of a precious google keyword search of PORTLAND INDIE MUSIC BLOG . When we do will because our content fucking rules it and I TOO know how to link keywords, blog about it and then link to the blog (wink).

Fighting the good fight so you don't have to,

Ste. Goldie

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della said...

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Dave Allen said...

Hey there,

I never changed the url to IndieMusicPortland that's a blog I run for Travel Portland. Pampelmoose is my main blog as always...

Best, Dave

Ste. Goldie said...

Dave - you will always be #1 on my list of bloggers to kick off of the top spot of the Google search. I really thought you changed your URL. I'm sorry that wasn't a joke. I don't write this stuff down because I don't want to have spiral notebooks filled with URL's and keywords... It would be too much like Pi. Then I would have to hang out in the park and play chess. It's so confusing. You are all over the internet! It seems you've built this entire towns online reputation.

I get SEO. I use it. But I don't like that there are a bunch of shitty blogs with no original content floating around. Those bloggers get paid something like 2 bucks a post and they basicly just copy and paste shit.

I think about putting ad's up in here. I don't think I am ready for that. I want to continue building our reputaion. I don't know. I am working on my business plan. I have a couple of good models to follow. Unfortunatly I didn't show up in time to watch your blogs from conception through today.

While I'm at it. What is the deal with LivePDX? They run ad's on TV but they can't run a decent music blog? I wish they could hire me to do it!

thanks for stopping by -- Josh from the Stonewailer just emailed me. It appears he still owns it. I guess I'm behind the times.

I have to apologize for being a jerk. Yay!

Ste. Goldie said...

Hey Dave -- one more thing.

Do you know anyone who wants to start blogging about PDX music? Maybe someone who wants to start sharpening their teeth? The bloggers here are getting exposure not just online but offline as well.

Thanks again for stopping by!

Dylan said...

G'day Crappy Indie Music. Truly you are number 1 in the hearts of the Portland masses. Never forget that.
Much Love For the Blog
Portland Playground

P.S. (You want new bloggers? If you ever want guest blogging about delicious Portland shows/music I'd love to contribute to the awesomeness of crappy indie music)

Ste. Goldie said...

Dylan! I sent you an invite. Please feel free to blog about the shows you want people to know about. Anytime you want! Cross blogging is permitted. SO if you want to blog about something you are blogging about at Playground go for it.

blog about it link to the blog and then blog about the link and blog it


I just added a link to Portland Playground.

Email me if you have any questions!

Ben Meyercord said...

I like real blogs. I dislike fake blogs. I kinda makes me sick thinking about the fake blogs.

Ste. Goldie said...

Dude sursly... When was the last time they even updated any of their posts? And yet they are #1!

Jess Gulbranson said...

I typed "PORTLAND INDIE MUSIC BLOGS" and this was number 1.

Fenbi said...

I have been wondering what will happen to all these social technologies. I went to this internet strategy forum last year where all the marketers from huge corporations were crawling all over themselves to try to figure out if there is any ROI for this stuff. A lot of them are starting to create web sites that provide a service meanwhile marketing the shit out of themselves. As far as blogs go ... we eat what we like ... err wait, that is Kix?

Ste. Goldie said...

Jess -- The magic of linking a few words can put you at #1 pretty quick if you are the front page. I have this idea that if the competing blogs are getting roughly the same amount of traffic the results should be the same. I've been experimenting with NOT linking keywords. The result has been nice. I hope our content will be what keeps us at #1. If we have good content we will have loyal readers which ultimately is the PRIMARY goal of a REAL blog. If I was at number one consistently with little or no linking of keywords it means we have TONS of readers which will always be a heavy hitter in the algorithm that determines front page status on Google searches.

Look at how FEW posts we've had this month. And then I post ONE blog with every keyword, keyword phrase I hunt for and BOOM -- #1.

Probably by the time you read this we will have dropped back down to the middle of the page.

I don't even know if I am making any sense. I don't sit in internet marketing meetings all day or listen to the SEO podcasts all day. Why lie, sometimes I feel like Google can read my thoughts and I am creating my online reality with my wireless brain...