Saturday, April 26, 2008

Nick Leyva Vs. Dan Savage (CIMTB Exclusive Interview with VIDEO!)

Vancouver, WA indie music maker Nick Leyva tells his story about meeting Dan Savage of the popular advice column, blog and podcast called "Savage Love". This interview depicts the often blurry line between humor and harrasment.

Exhibit A:

Nick came to me as a friend to tell me his tale of confusion and possible legal troubles and I said "Holy Crap! This should be the first video I post on CIMTB!". This interview was filmed April 26th, 2008 very late at night. The gritty almost dark lighting reflects the "off the cuff" nature of this interview.

If this interview helps to heal the almost non existent relationship between Dan Savage (we're not worthy) and the young, delightful and talented Nick Leyva then my work as a blogger will not be in vain. -- Ste. Goldie


Ben Meyercord said...

Holy Crap indeed!

Anonymous said...

"its a publication called the Stranger, but when an actual stranger approaches, they flip the fuck out!"
Best quote about the Stranger EVER.
Poor Nick. I feel for him...getting your feelings hurt by someone you look up to (and I love Dan) sucks. Stack that paper Nick. Someone will play the song.