Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hipster Runoff: A Blogger's Blog

Hipster Runoff is a music blog you can use and abuse. Hipster Runoff is doing it right. They break all of the bullshit blogger rules like "develop an online reputation"... there are tons of hilarious anonymous comments... plus they aren't BORING. The way they hate on Pitchfork is quite endearing.

Speaking of hipsters, I found another blog called The Panda Page with a blog post called: A Field Guide to Internet People: Hipsters

I'm sorry but when do the "punks" get to be called hipsters. I mean, come on. I went to the Romtom (is that what it's called?) on Sunday night and there was this small group of ugly hipster punks that made fun of me for asking if this place had Wi-Fi. You are wearing HAIR GEL and a belt made of AMMO and you think Wi-Fi is queer? I should have just taken a picture of them. I guess that is what I will do for next time.

Also from the blogosphere:
Portland institution Glass Candy has a wonderful article in Fader magazine I read an except of it on Dana Lauren Goldstien's blog . Good commentary on the creative arch of Glass Candy and their struggles with Portland media.


Amber Dawn said...

Glass Candy are an amazing success story to me. I saw them when I was 17 and I thought they really, really sucked (sorry), and sort of lost interest in them for a long time. Then my boyfriend started talking about them and I said, "I haven't really paid much attention to them since I saw them years and years ago and didn't like it." He was like, "Oh hey, you know this music I've been playing? That's them." I was like, Oh shit, they got cool while I wasn't looking. Good for you, Glass Candy!

Ste. Goldie said...

amber dawn -- It's a great article I hope you got a chance to read it. I sincerely love this story of two people who learn how to make music together.

"When baby birds are learning to fly they are really just trying not to fall" - Dolly Parton

Hearing Glass Candy talk about the haters and how they just keep making art and growing and changing. It is very inspiring. It makes me want to stop hating on all the singer/ songwriters in Portland who barely know how to play guitar... well not really but at least I thought about it for a little bit.