Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Log Love Part 3

photo: Starfucker?

OK, so it looks like this final installment of the Dykeritz/Dat'r/Starfucker show will be a bit underwhelming/anti-climactic. Upon revisiting the rest of my footage it seems I can only blame myself the good people @ Dewar's whiskey.

So yeah, due to recently making a valiant attempt to quit smoking I have been limiting my social interactions considerably lately. That said, I played in Dykeritz for 5 years, up until this very show, so there was no way I was going to miss it. Particularly as I remain great friends with everyone in the band. Although it might not be a bad idea to create some fake drama to sell more records? Nah. Scratch that noise.

However, note to self: Just because Dewar's is promoting the show does not mean that you must partake in said libations until you are no longer able to operate a camera properly. I think it was Tommy D himself who said, "If you get to the top on your own - who'll take the picture?" And the answer in this case is drunken me, and not well enough to post any of it. Which is a shame as the Starfucker set was truly the highlight of my night. So the next time they play I will be there to capture their set properly. As I did @ their last set @ pdx-pop.But my boy Tommy D also said, "Making a mistake is also an achievement" so I got his back on that.

I also learned that the correct pronunciation of the whiskey is "Doo-erz" and not "Duh-warz" much to my embarrassment. Upon ordering my first I was greeted by a sad shake of the head and a look of pity as the bartender corrected me. But I didn't sweat the attitude at all. I think it's funny when people at my work order the "holy mole" burrito (it rhymes people) as the holy MOLE (like the animal). Maybe if they had a similar rhyming scheme in place (shot of Dewar's with a back of Coors perhaps?), I wouldn't have got it twisted.

Ok lastly, I saw on the Doug Fir website the day of the show that Dykeritz was listed as "a cross between the Beach Boys and the Junior Boys." And I had never heard of the latter band until I did some research.

So I posed the question backstage to Alex and Jordan.....


Ben Meyercord said...

I think you should continue to call it "duh-warz" and if anyone gives you any guff, just shake your head slowly while muttering "stupid Americans". That will show everyone!

Ste. Goldie said...

KID TYGER!!! - aaaaaaaaaahahahhhahhahh
best blog post ever. hey i quit smoking too. i haven't smoked since march 31st... by the way i love Erasure and Pet Shop Boys. HOLE MOLE!