Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Blogs We Love: Gaycondo does Portland band Chores

I found a great Portland music blog post about the Portland band called Chores.
(sorry Ben Meyercord but I never heard of them and then I did a CIMTB search *yay new Google custom search bar* and realized you totally know who they are, once again proving if i actually read all of your posts i would be beyond well informed...) Anyway it's a great blog post with a very nice interview from Chores and I want to share it with y'all. -- Ste. Goldie


An excerpt from GAYCONDO (that's the name of the blog):

CHORES are fun. Or at least the band, Chores, attempts to transform the mediocre aspects of everyday life into a elated indie rock sound that will hopefully make your day a little easier. Portland, Oregon brought the four members together from various pinpoints of the States. Chores have an eclectic sound that ranges from working class jam band to art rock funk nostalgic to Television or Yo La Tengo. The past year has been quite successful as they self released a 5 song EP, Life Is Hard, have gained a noteworthy collection of local press clips, ventured out of lush Oregon into California and most importantly, have inspired people to dance! Lucky for us, Chores hasn’t let all the excitement inflate their ego and spent a great deal of time providing tragic answers to tragic questions. Click here to read Interview ...

**image from GAYCONDO


Em said...

Hey thanks for the shout out!!! I love Chores. and to answer your question:

Jon of gaycondo = Jon of the portland duo, Swallows

Paul of gaycondo = Jon's fag boyfriend.


Ste. Goldie said...

Em! and what about you? Who R U ( I wish I could blow smoke rings in the shape of letters online)... Are you the person who posted this lovely blog? I'm sorry sometimes when I am new to a blog I go "Blog Blind" (kinda like snow blind) where I can't figure anything out.


Ste. Goldie said...

duh! Everyone EM FROM SWALLOWS LEFT A COMMENT... (sorry Em, I quit smoking cigarettes a couple of weeks ago and I think I gave myself a stroke)...

That reminds me to always click on the link of peoples names before I ask them who they are... god, I am grateful to have increase the oxygen to my lungs but seriously is the trade off brain damage?!??! (kid tyger do you hear me?)