Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wednesday December 12th, 2007: AristeiA, Jon Garcia and Charmparticle @ The Doug Fir

3 wonderful local bands play this Wednesday night at The Doug Fir!

Aristeia Photo by Ste. Goldie

Jon Garcia soon to be known as Castle Photo by Micha Usher

Charmparticles Photo by ? (got it off their myspace)

All three bands are from Portland, Oregon. If you are looking for a place to hang out this Wednesday night come to the Doug Fir. You will get a chance to hear beautiful music and engage with people who love music and who's hearts beat to the rhythm of their own sweet sounds. Are you a rock band photographer? Take some digital photo's of the show and have them published here!

This Wednesday December 12th, 2007
Doug Fir
830 E Burnside
Portland, Oregon 97214
Doors open at 8pm
Show starts at 9pm
$6 at the door


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Anonymous said...

i'm going to this show!

Adam Steinfink said...

Anonymous? I wish people would at least leave a nickname.

A non moose; hmmm. No one would believe a moose could use a computer anyway! Maybe it is a tricky moose. Will there be a moose in the dug fir tonight?

ing_genest said...

I'd go to this show, but I have a market meeting to go to. Why did I get voted onto the board of directors? Do I think that's going to make me important or something? No, I just get to miss the best live shows, that's all...

Amber Dawn said...

Unfortunately I wasn't able to make it.. (one of my bandmates was leaving town thursday morning so we had to hang out.. and i was moneyless) your photo of Aristeia is utterly fantastic though. and I bet the show ruled.