Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Seeking Portland Indie Muisc Lovers

Do you go to shows no one has ever heard of?

Do you like music that isn't on a label (or a label that isn't Capitol Records)?

Do you love finding music and sharing it with your friends?

Portland has hundreds of bands the Mercury and the Willamette Week don't write about. Let's write about them here!

Things I want to read about:

1. Best of Portland 2007
2. Best Jazz of Portland, Oregon
3. Best venues to play shows at
4. Top Ten Bands no one has heard of but you swear are worth a listen!

If you blog for another blog -- Publish in two places! or leave a comment with a link to your best of Portland 2007!

(members of Westfold, AristeiA, present. Gary from Gas House was there! Amber Dawn, Ste. Goldie and others...) Photo taken with my camera by Mel!

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