Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ben Meyercord's live music picks for Dec. 31st to Jan.6th

So I am back in Portland. Man if feels good to be back. I have am no longer stuck at home waiting for something to do. Let me assure all of you people of Portland, you live in city where things happen. And speaking of things happening, this is how the show situation is looking for this week.

Monday, December 31st

Holy crap! It is the last day of the year and I am sure there will be a ton of parties or get-togethers that you have already committed to, but there are a couple of good shows happening too.

  • The Wu Tang Clan is playing! Crazy. I know this is a Portland-centric blog, so let me tie our city in. All of the openers are Portland people. Cool Nutz besides having a bad ass name is reported to be the ambassador of NW hip hop so it is only fitting that he should warm up the stage for the WU. There are the Sandpeople. I checked them out this summer at PDX Pop Now! It was good times if you like hip hop. Then there is the Grant High School graduate Lilla D Mone (D Mone is supposedly a nod to D'Angelo and Nina Simone) who will grace the stage with her mix of modern R&B and Hip Hop. But for real, the Wu Tang Clan a'n't nuttin to fuck with. This may or may not be sold out at the Roseland. I think tickets were going for $40. Doors at 8pm.
  • In Old Town there will be 4 venues having simultaneous entertainment. The event is called Old Town Get Down. You may choose to go to each venue individual for $10 like a chump, or you can buy a pass to get you into all the venues for $20 -$25. I personally would only go to the Someday Lounge. Panther, and Copy are playing there and they always put on a fun live show. Satyricon, as per usual, will have a ton of bands that I have never heard (such as Massive Meat Split and Embrace the Kill); Backspace is hosting the music of, among others, Gepetto whose myspace headline colorfully suggests that you, "eat shit and die"; and Ground Control has The Beauty playing a set and several DJs. I believe that all doors are at 8pm with music starting at approximately whenever.
Tuesday, January 1st

You will be tired. I know. Luckily there is not that much going on tonight so you can either take it easy or check out these shows:
  • The Incubator at the Someday Lounge will be in full effect hosted by Gabriel Darling. You can do whatever for twenty minutes. The possibilities abound. The music is free and starts at 9PM lasting until midnight.
  • Or you can play two to three songs among other very talented people at Zilla Sake hosted by the lovely Y La Bamba.
  • Or you can just observe as the Ash Street Saloon offers up a "mixed social". The website says it will happen every Tuesday and it looks to be free. The The Righteous and Harmonious Fists will be playing along with Orem(the sink) and Critical. It is free so you might as well check it out. Music at 9:15PM.
Wednesday, January 2nd

Believe it or not, I don't know of anything going on for Wednesday. If I am wrong, feel free to comment on the blog and I will add your suggestion. If not get some well earned rest.

Thursday, January 3rd

Here are a couple of shows that are taking place that I wouldn't mind seeing:

Friday, January 4th

There are three really good show today. Your decision will be tough. So here are you options:
Saturday, January 5th

Again some hard decisions to make
Sunday, January 6th

There is no day of rest for a music fan (except this Wednesday). So here are the shows that I think might be worth checking out. I make no guarantees, but I think they will fun.
  • The Ash Street Saloon is having a show of three bands that ride the line between quirky and just plain zany, and one folksy guy. The bands are as follows Late Night Curly, iji, and Math The Band. Iji and Math The Band are touring together (warning these bands are not local), so if you like what you hear there is more incentive in the way of a tour split entitled "Tour de Friends". Also the folksy guy I made allusion to is William Holley. What he has on his myspace page sounds real nice. It will cost you $5. Music starts at 9:30PM.
  • Day two of the Children of The Revolution 3 looks to be the noisier of the two day festivities at AudioCinema. If only the fact that Yellow Swans are playing. i saw them at PDX Pop Now! and they were loud. I mean they brought they brought their own sound system in order to be at the very least twice as loud as any other band that played. I stood at the very back of AudioCinema (which is pretty large) and still had to plug my ears (even though they already had ear plugs). The other bands playing are Thrones, SubArachnoid Space, Magick Daggers, Rollerball, Fist Fite, Dagger of the Mind(self proclaimed "bardcore" as in they sing Shakespeare over heavy metal), Rabbits, and Silentist. Again I think that it costs between $10 and $15. Show starts at 2PM.
So I hope everyone has a great new year and I look forward to seeing a whole lot of shows and missing even more of them.



Ste. Goldie said...

Ben -- as always THANK YOU for your music picks for the week. I love having a trusted source for entertainment info... when I feel like leaving my apartment that is...

Ben said...

Goldie--Yeah, I haven't really left the apartment either.