Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ben Meyercord live music picks for Dec. 17th -23rd

Another week another group of shows that we all should attempt to attend. Maybe we should call this weekly list of shows, "Ben Meyercord's Attempt to Attend show list" or "Attempt 2 Attend: Portland shows".

I am going back to Texas on Wednesday, so I will only be able to make it to two shows this week. But I will list all the shows I would consider seeing were I in town.

It goes like this:

Monday, December 17th

This is so hard for me. There are two shows. Both really good. Both near my home. Both featuring personal friends. Unfortunately, both at the same time.
  • Y La Bamba is playing Mississippi Pizza along with other Zilla Open Mic vets Elliot King and Down South Sallie. Y La Bamba writes some of the most evocative and emotive music I have heard in quite some time. Elliot King is the composer of many songs in many styles which when mixed together give a pleasing experience. Down South Sallie has a voice on her. Be sure to listen to her talk, then listen to her sing. You will be blown away first by the contrast and then again by how well she sings. I have had the pleasure of playing with two of the three acts tonight. I highly recommend the show. I believe it is free. Plus if you get there early, say at like 7pm you can watch the Portland spelling bee. Show at 9pm Free.
  • Annie Bethancourt writes some pretty darn good tunes as well. I have had the pleasure of performing shows with her as well (she will appear on the forth-coming Meyercord ep). She is performing at the White Eagle. This is a place I have been meaning to check out for a while. She plays with the Hide & Go Hustle and American Nobody. The Hide & Go Hustle are a cello and guitar duo who supplement their sound with preprogrammed beats. American Nobody apparently is where "The Solo Loop Show- organic folk meets technology" . Sounds interesting. Show at 8pm. Free.
Tuesday, December 18th

Tuesdays, I generally reserve for Open Mics unless there is something really cool happening.

  • Holcombe Waller might be that really cool thing happening. Check out what the Willamette Week said about his TBA entry. " With this TBA entry, the restlessly inventive and ridiculously talented Holcombe Waller takes lessons learned from last year's experimental work, Patty Heart Townes - which presented songs of Patty Griffin and Townes Van Zandt, sung by Waller in costume and character, accompanied by a small string ensemble and video projection - and applies them to his own literate, incisive, beautiful songs. His forthcoming album, titled Into the Dark Unknown, is his first since 2005's stunning Troubled Times. Having found new fans such as Antony (of the Johnsons), Waller's well on his way to a wider audience. JEFF ROSENBERG." It is nice to know that we have people like him living in Portkand. Chris Garneau will be opening the show. I believe he was part of the Xiu Xiu touring band at one point. Doug Fir Lounge. show at 9pm $10
  • Incubator at the Someday Lounge. Open stage for up to 20 minutes. Gabriel Darling. 9pm. Free.
  • Open Mic at Zilla's Sake. Two songs per person. Good sake, if you like that sort of thing. Plus Y La Bamba usually plays twice. 8:30pm. Free.
Wednesday, December 19th

I leave for Dallas on this day. I will not be able to see any of the shows below this point.
Thursday, December 20th

There are two good shows this night. I am glad I will not have to choose.
  • Nick Jaina will be playing the Doug Fir Lounge with The Butchers and The Builders and The Golden Bears. I saw Nick the last time he played the Doug Fir Lounge (also with the Butchers and Builders) was great. He and his band really know to arrange a song. A lot of people really dig the Butchers and Builders. I don't really get it. I don't know much of anything about The Golden Bears. Show is at 9PM. $8
  • A Weather is playing a show with Super XX Man and Love Menu at the Holocene. A Weather is one of my current favorite local groups. I enjoy Super XX Man's charming and often endearing songs. I know nothing of Love menu, but based of the company she keeps it should be good. Show at 9PM. $6
Friday, December 21st

There are a couple things happening this night.
  • Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks are playing the Doug Fir Lounge with Blitzen Trapper. This show will in all likelihood sell out. If you want to go to this show. Buy your ticket now.
    I mean two of the biggest Portland bands playing in Portland. This will sell out. Also with Malkmus coming out with a new record in the next few months, I would image there is going to be some new stuff. Show at 9PM. $15
  • Or you could head over to the Someday Lounge and watch a ninja band. Fist of Dishonor proclaim themselves to be the "Premier Ninja Rock Band". They will share the stage with The Nodding Tree Remedies (who played the very first AristeiA show ever), Larry Yes (whom I have heard good thing about), and Rob Walmart (who play out a van or as they call it a vanue). Show at 9PM. $5
Saturday, December 22nd

Honestly nothing jumps out at me for this day.
Sunday, December 23rd

There are two good shows tonight.
  • Over at Valentine's (232 SW Ankeny) The Evolutionary Jass Band will be performing with Venable. The Jass is always awesome. I read that Venable has toured with David Pajo (this means that he is also probably pretty awesome).
  • The Murder Trio will be playing at a place called the Night Light Lounge. They play a cool jazz type thing (Also they will play with Meyercord next year). Show at 8pm. Free.
So enjoy the shows while I am away. I have looked and there appear to be absolutely no shows in Texas.


A Weather Live. Check them out on Wednesday.


Ste. Goldie said...

Ben! Have fun in Dallas! Thank you for your recommendations.

Ben said...

I will have some times. They will be good. Have a good time here in the sucky rainy NW. JK. I wiss miss it.

By the way the show at Mississippi was great. All three played exceptionally well.