Sunday, December 9, 2007

Ben Meyercord's Live Music picks for Dec. 10th-16th

It just doesn't get easier does it. Another week full of great shows, and therefore another blog post detailing them.

Hello Portland and areas surrounding Portland this is what is going down, show wise, this week:

Monday, December 10th

There isn't too much going on at the start of the week but there is this...

Tuesday, December 11th

like I said not too much going down at the beginning of the week, but check out either of these open-mics as there have been glimpses of brilliance at both. I have also been known to perform as Meyercord at both (not that there is a correlation between this sentence and the previous sentence).

  • The Incubator is hosted by my good friend and apparent fellow Crappy Indie Music blogger Gabriel Darling. This goes down at the Someday Lounge. The cool thing about these besides the great sound and stage and people, is that every performance is recorded so and archived on the Someday Lounge website for later viewing. Starts at 9pm (free).
  • There is also the Open-mic Night over at Zilla's Sake on Alberta. This is usually hosted by my friend Elena Mendoza aka Y La Bamba (in my opinion one of the most talented people making music in Portland right now). The room is small but the sound is very warm thanks in large to a gentleman who calls himself E (not to be confused with the lead singer of Eels). He records this musical gathering every Tuesday and makes them available via the Open Mic Scout Podcast. Starts at 8pm (free).
Wednesday, December 12th

Today I am playing a show in the band AristeiA along with Jon Garcia and The Charmparticles at the Doug Fir so you know where I will be (and where you should be as well). But in the interest of being fair, the following shows are going on too.

Thursday, December 13th

This is where it gets tough. There are three shows. I wish to be at all of them.
  • Tu Fawning (featuring Joe Haege of 31 Knots and Corrina Repp) is playing with The Golden Bears, and some band called Baby Dollars are all playing the Holocene. The show starts at 9pm ($7). I have regrettably missed Tu Fawning play every single time they have played. This might be another time because...
  • Peter Broderick is playing with Ethan Rose at The Mississippi Studios. This is a rare treat as Peter has until further notice relocated from Portland to Copenhagen, Denmark. Don't miss you chance to see him and get his new cd without all of those oversea shipping charges. Show starts at 8pm ($8/$10).
  • And over by PGE Park, Nate Ashley and The Liminal Sea are playing with The Graves and "a very special, secret guest" at the Towne Lounge. It sounds interesting. Doors at 9pm ($5?).
Friday, December 14th

I will be out of town playing a show with Nire in Hood River as Meyercord (if you have friends in Hood River, send them to The Horse and the Hound on Friday) so I won't be able to see these but...
Saturday, December 15th

There are a couple of good ones. You would do right by me by attending any of these

Sunday, December 16th

I will most likely go to this show
  • Modernstate is playing over at the Holocene with Autopilot is for Lovers and Sarah Winchester (of A Weather fame). If I remember correctly he/they put on a pretty fun live show. And besides it being a good line-up, it is a benefit for local musician, Lou Thomas (also of A Weather). See the holocene page for all the details. Show starts at 9pm ($8).
You may recall that in my last post I readily admitted that I would not get to all of the shows I listed. I had no idea how right I was. I only made it to two of the listed ten. Let's see how I do this week.

Ben Meyercord--photo by Ben


Ste. Goldie said...

None of these shows sound remotely interesting to me. Why lie? I need some coffee.... okay. i made some coffee. AristeiA and Westfold are starting to sound good. Jon Garcia changed the name of his band. He told me that the Doug Fir show was the last night he would be performing under that name. Jon Garcia will be called Castle. I'm glad it's not called Bear Castle or Panda Castle or Grizzly Castle. There are too many bear names. Big Bear started it. I want to drink my coffee now...Okay I drank some coffee. Now I am ready to rock.

Ben said...

I heard about that. I think that form now on, when I play with a band it will be called Meyercord, but when I play solo I will be Castle Meyercord. Castle is the new Bear!

Ste. Goldie said...

King Shit of Fuck Castle!

Anonymous said...

i'm smokin pot and going to the aristeia show on Wednesday. i'm wearing my padded bra and going to the Westfold show on Saturday.

Ben said...

awesome? No wait, I meant AWESOME.

Gabriel Darling said...

the next Incubator shall be on December 14th!!!

Gabriel Darling said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ben said...

So far, one show missed. I am off to a good start.