Friday, July 30, 2010

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Friday, July 30th

Hello Dear Readers,

As I might have mentioned before. I do not really have computer access at home. Unless I figure out a way to sneak into my roommates rooms while they sleep (totally creepy), I do not have access to computers unless I am at work. Did you guys go to any shows? Wednesday Y La Bamba played our last Laurelthirst Residency show. Black Prairie the bluegrass band that has three Decemberists (none with the initials C.M.) playing in it. They were super fun. On one of the songs the fiddle player pulled out a fiddle with what looked like a trumpet on the end of it. It made her sound like an old record. Really neat. I had a great time playing. A really good time. If you were there great. If you did not, maybe next time? Anyway PDX Pop this weekend is the only place you have to be:

So this is the big weekend. PDX Pop Now! 2010 is going down at Rotture. This is where I will be when I am not at work this weekend. Here is today's schedule:

6:00: Blue Horns
6:40: Ylang Ylang

7:25: Kusikia
8:05: AgesAndAges

8:50: Rollerball
9:30: AndAndAnd
10:10: Witch Mountain

10:55: Jackie-O Motherfucker
11:35: Tu Fawning
12:15: AU/Dovekins (Denver, CO)

Blue Horns are jangle pop goodness. Ylan Ylang is I believe a new super group of Portland musicians. Kusikia is an amazingly dynamic duo that just kill everytime they play. I just got their LP and love it. AgesAndAges play really good vocal arranged pop. I heard a bit of their upcoming album today and I was blown away. They are gonna be huge. Rollerball is an awesome art rock band that do not play their hometown enough. The Europeans love 'em though. AndAndAnd is a newish pop band that I see going places as well. I don't have their latest. But I might get it today. I don't know Witch Mountain, but I have seen the words sludge and doom associated with them. Jackie-O Motherfucker is a pretty famous experimental group of improve folk jazz pyschedelic folks who create new sounds in music. Tu Fawning is the band that features real life couple Joe Haege (31 Knots/Menomena) and Corrina Repp (Corrina Repp/Viva Voce) and two others whose names I forget. They make music that is very dramatic and very good.

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Kusikia is awesome they play PDX Pop tonight at 7:25. Sweeeeet!

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