Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Long Story, Short EP
review by kid tyger

Ok, I'm not gonna lie. I'm feeling this EP. A lot. 
In fact I almost didn't re-post, despite my initial enthusiasm.
Good question.

I guess sometimes, (have you ever had this happen to you?), I get so entranced and overwhelmed with a work of art that I wasn't expecting and certainly not even consciously aware of even and then BLAM! out of left field  it instantly becomes a part of my every day. And, so as a result, you end up being like...nah just bang it and head nod homie. But nah, you should check it. Real 4. et cet.

Enough excuses though. I'm gonna dive in like Louganis.....

Track #1 - Strands
Sweet lead-off. Glitch shimmers and feedback lead to some head-nod ungh ungh ungh and some our food comes this year on the mickey finn ride the 71 bus type soldier type snares. Shout outs to the Wu Killa Beez and WyClef and not writing checks and the Philippines and kat williams and kumbayah and coup d'état AND Tri-Met. Obnoxious friendly fire. What? BBQ yr eyesight? Waht? 
Multiple namechecks re: the EP title.
 Last sentence of the track= "long story short, fucking dawg= listen."

Track #2 - Hate Aside
The "SIngle". And I can see why. "Ain't no rules in this game we play. Doo doo doo." is pretty much the "Feeling Groovy" hook of the record. I'm in deep. not sweatin' it. yeah. I don't want to see those quotes on the net. ocd tendencies et al. 

Track #3-Oh My God
Ok ok, WTF w/ the Boyz-2-Men-esque 2 dirty englishmen intro? And I quote=

"See, people get confused. And it makes us concerned. They're confused that we might be concerned...with their ideas of what we should be doing. Or whether we care about what they say. And that makes us concerned. But we're gonna keep doing what we been doing. Crushing. Fucking Sandpeople cunt."

Weirdest intro forever ever? Perhaps. Anyway,it gets even better, Making cheddar like Wisconsin! check. Ri diggedy donkulous like T-Pains Top Hat? check. Q-Tip sample? check. your letters to the editor are anonymous.

Track #4 - Beyond Us

I'm grateful for the air I drink.

Track #5 - Control Panel

Ok, this is probably my favorite track on the whole record. Either this one or the next one. And apologies to the MC who kicks this track off, but even though I don't know you - you're the m=erf'in bomb. 
To be honest, until this EP came out I was mostly familiar w/ my boy IllMac.
That said, whoever spits the first verse is my new fave mc of this whole crew. this is bananas like woody allen. check it.....

So what if I step slow?
I live in the gentro-ghetto
Hipsters come hither with your indie-pop electro
Metro (buck buck) you think you can't hear guns
over your ear bud headphones?
I know it's safer, but bangers are still toting their skets though.
and if they're your neighbors, that's bad for escrow. (escrow)
same with sketch folk out on your corner.
trying to collect notes.
You had me @ BOOM Money!!

More manyana........


Anonymous said...

pps glaucoma!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling the EP too!

Noticed that you said Sapient (first emcee on Control Panel) is now your fav in the crew... Mine too haha. Just thought that I should let you know that his new album Make More dropped last week and can be copped at cdbaby.com/sapientkills4 (I don't know him personally or anything, just trying to help.)

If you liked the EP you will love his solo LP...