Monday, June 8, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for June 8th to June 10th

Hello Dear Readers,

Man I love to watch me some music. Last Night I caught the Canjun Jems show with Inside Voices. I thought the Cajun Jems show set was far too short. I wanted more. Especially considering that I think the band has only played out like six times in it's entire existence. Inside voices was a band I was excited to see and was very satisfied that they were just as good as I thought they were going to be. My friend told me that they are the first Portland band he has been excited about in a loooong time. Plus it turns out that their stellar drummer is none other than Jeffery Jerusalem. I had no idea. Anyways,here are some shows that are happening this week.

Monday, June 8th

Valentine's us having a show with Ocean Age, Lovers and Deacon. I am pretty stoked about this show because I missed the very good Ocean Age last week when they played Berbatis. They live up to their "We don't suck" myspace headline. Also I missed Carolyn Berk (leader of Lovers) do the Willamette Week thing yesterday, and I love the Lovers album but have not seen them play yet. All I know about Deacon is that it is in no way related to Dan Deacon (and that they are from Portland) It will be FREE (donations accepted) and starts sometime after 9 PM.

The Know (2026 NE Alberta St. Portland, OR 97211) is having a show with Westfold, Makeout Party (Cherry Hill, NJ), and Friendly Skies. Westfold and Friednly Skies are some of the most underated bands in Portland, in my opinion. Westfold makes really good Rock music that is hard to pin down musically, but is all bound together by the thougtful lyrics of Mark Palumbo. Frindley Skies makes good instrumental post-rock music with some sick beats provided by amazing drummer Jason Drost. The show will be FREE and starts sometime after 8 PM.

Tuesday, June 9th

Holocene is having a show with Love is All (Gotenberg, Sweden), Still Flyin' (San Francisco), and Dirty Mittens. I know the name Love is All, but I am listing the show because I feel that Dirty Mittens is one of the best darned bands in Portland. They kind of, to me, have a Saturday Looks Good to Me kind of feel. It has sax solos! What can I say? It's good. The show is $10 in advance and $12 at the door. The music starts sometime around 9 PM.

Wednesday, June 10th

Berbati's is having Leather Tom and The Dirty Dudes play with Dudes of Chaos. That is a lot of Dudes. As I mentioned last week Leather Tom is playing for FREE every Wednesday of this week at Berbati's. Kinda like how Delorean played everyweek at Laurelthirst every Wednesday of last month. Except these guys are way more dancey and it starts at 10 PM instead of 6 PM. So again FREE show at 10 PM.

Holocene is having Ear Pwr (Baltimore, RD), Adventure (Baltimore, RD), Alexis Gideon and Jeffrey Jerusalem play a show. I an listing this show because Alexis Gideon has such a unique and awesome show. He has animation that goes over his sweet white boy flow about all sorts of fantastical things. Plus the one man disco show that is Jeffery Jerusalem is not to be missed. The show is $7 and starts at 9 PM.

The Know (2026 NE Alberta St. Portland, OR 97211) is having a show with The Pseudo Dates (Denver, CO), Bugs of Lightning and New Century Schoolbook. Do you lika the indie-pop? Is twee not a dirty word to you? Then you probably should check this show out. I am just saying. The show is FREE and starts at 8 PM.

Please say "Hi" to me. Preferabley at a show. Even better if it is one of the shows I have just listed. I promise to say hello back. Even if I have no idea as to who you are!


The Friendly Skies will play the Know tonight. Just like this.

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Jess Gulbranson said...

So, Friday, the 12th, Hobo Dojo is playing at Langano Lounge. This is the reformed Rex Hamilton, with Jeremy from Prick and the Burn on vocals. Be there or be square!