Saturday, September 20, 2008

Show Review - Failing St House, Thursday 9-18

I should admit that I am good friends with everyone who lives at "220 house" on Failing st, so I would probably have gone anyway, but I thoroughly enjoyed the show on Thursday night. Part of my enjoyment involved the copious imbibing of alcoholic beverages, so my recollections are not completely clear, but here were some highlights :
The first band, solo act Ann Mercerow (spelling, anyone? I can't find any information about her anywhere and she doesn't have an internet prescence yet) nerdy girl singer-songwriter with loud electric guitar and songs about centaurs and necrophilia, and apparently also a Misfits cover (Ok, so I've never really listened to the Misfits, and therefore didn't recognize it. Prepare rotten tomatoes now.) I believe Ghost to Falco played second, they sounded good from upstairs, unfortunately I was having a drunken conversation with my roommate about how much I love Jonathan Richman and missed them. Following that was Best Supporting Actress, one of my personal favorites, a duo of Andrea Mickelson on drums plus Jason Nickle of Chrome Wings on guitar\vocals playing stripped-down raw garage punk (if you go to their myspace, check out West Virginia Lobotomy Project) with themes like lobotomies, dislike of beer, and dislike of urinals) and the best cover of Wild Thing I've heard in a long time.
The night finished off with Father Murphy, who were on tour from Italy, with a more laid-back sound, and finally local favourites The Shaky Hands. I had somehow never managed to hear them until this show (the following day, my coworker who I'd invited asked me, "so the shaky hands were playing at a house party? really? aren't they beyond that or something?" ) fortunately in Portland, nobody gets beyond playing house shows, right? They had an excellent sound, classic but fresh. It seemed like something I could have heard in a basement anytime over the past forty years, and at that time, been like, hey, these guys are good!


Ben Meyercord said...

God Damn. I heard rumors that they were going to play that show, but since I didn't know for sure I didn't advertise it. The shaky hands are great. I saw their instore performance at Music Millennium the other day, and it was fantastic. I also really like Ghost to Falco.

Indie Band Videos said...

Do you have a myspace page to listen to your music? Do you ever record live shows?

Amber Dawn said...

indie band videos - your question was not very clear - I linked to the myspaces of the bands I discussed when it was possible.. are you asking about the music I myself make? also I don't often record live shows, though I do have the capability to. I just don't usually think about it.