Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Era

So yeah, my job isn't ideal. Which is no surprise as not very many are. That said, after 7+ years @ the same job the time has come for me to move on. And while I'm glad that this isn't my job I'm also realistic enough to realize that I probably couldn't quit tomorrow and be lucky enough to be able to pull this off as a a way to make ends meet.

Therefore, I put it to you. Shamelessly and nakedly. Are you hiring @ your place of employment? If so hit me up. Seriously. My cell = 503.267.1646.

PS - In case you missed our last show Dykeritz is playing this Monday @ Holocene with some pretty amazing other artists.

& we're also opening for our very good friends the next evening in Seattle. Sadly, due to the fact we have an 8 piece band, we will not be coordinating haircuts for either show, so hopefully that won't detract from the music.

But yeah, holla back on the job offers and/or to get on the guest list for either show.


Dave Allen said...

hey, are you in Dykeritz?


Ste. Goldie said...

i want to get the Dykeritz CD. Good luck with your new adventure! I wanna hear about it :-)

Dave Allen said...

which new adventure be that???

Ste. Goldie said...

Dave Allen it's nice to see you again! I think it sucks to be on a job hunt. Calling it an adventure was suppose to be nice. You could tell right away that i was full of shit right? Now if you are on an adventure, what link could i click on to read all about it? I

Songspeak said...

Was it this post that led to your search, leading you to our site? Regardless, good luck in your search!

Ste. Goldie said...

Songspeak -- Yes! This is the post that led me to your site! Fellow blogger Kid Tyger ain't got no job. I ain't got no job.

Thank you for stopping by. I just subscribed to Songspeak!