Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ben Meyercords Live Music Picks for September 3rd to September 7th

Hello Dear Readers,

So Music Fest Northwest is here. I kind of feel sick to my stomach. There are just a ton or really good shows. The only problem is that they all seem to be happening at once. Especially on Friday and Saturday. I find the whole thing to be more than a little overwhelming. This post should by no means be used as a complete guide to the festival. I will not list every show. This is a local Portland/Vancouver area blog so I will only mention the shows featuring Portland/Vancouver area bands. Whats more, I will only list the shows I am personally interested in. So here's whats what:

Wednesday, September 3rd

I will not lie to you. If I go to a show tonight, it will probably be Mogwai at Roseland (as they are totally bad ass). But there are some good local shows going on too.

  • The other show that has Portland talent is at Berbati's Pan where Norfolk and Western will be playing a set at 10 PM. Another cool thing about this show is that one the bands that I listened to non stop in high school, Old 97's, are playing this show too. A sentimental part of me wants to go to this show. The wrist gets you in or its $20 at the door. The show starts at 9 PM.

Thursday September 4th

Things start gaining momentum here.

  • The obvious local show to catch is happening at Holocene where Starfucker will be playing a set at 11 PM. But there are other non-Portland bands playing this show that should be really sweet as well. Like Oxford Collapse at 9 PM, and Deerhunter at 12 AM. This show is $12 if you don't have a wrist band.
  • But you should not over look the Cyrstal Ballroom. They are having M. Ward pay a set. Calvin Johnson of K Records fame will be playing too. But more importantly, this is the first of the two performances by Eskimo and Sons. M. Ward is so awesome. I swear it looks like he isn't trying when he plays guitar, but he never hits a bad note. Eskimo and Sons are incredible live. Go to see them. This ALL AGES show is $20 at the door if you don't have a wristband.
  • Over at Berbati's Pan, Pseudosix will be playing at 11 PM right before Nada Surf takes the stage at 12 AM. Psuedosix play really well executed pop-rock. I don't think they have played since I last saw them in October. It is about damn time they played again. Love as Laughter starts this show at 9 PM. This show is $15 without a wrist band.
  • Also Richmond Fontaine will be playing a set at Dante's at 9 PM. If you like alt-country type music you will want to check them out. There are a bunch of garage rock bands playing to that I don't really care about who are playing too. The show is $12 if you don't have a wrist band.

Friday, September 5th

Here is where it starts to get crazy. Like crazy crazy. I don't really want to list everything, so I will just post some Portland Highlights.

  • There is an AMAZING FREE show at Wonder Ballroom. Local PDX indie royalty Britt Daniel (of Spoon) will be opening up for Built to Spill playing Perfect From Now On live. If you are a Built to Spill fan, you just creamed your pants. You will need to pick up you FREE pass at Jackpot Records the day of this show, but a wristband will also get you in.
  • Backspace is having a really good ALL AGES show with The Rainy States at 9 PM, Southern Belle at 8 PM, and Typhoon at 9 PM. Typhoon is really really good live. I highly recommend you at least try to catch their set. It is ALL AGES and $10 at the door if you don't have a wristband.
  • Doug Fir has a couple of good locals playing too. Laura Gibson is playing at 9 PM. Dolorean follows soon after at 10 PM. Later at this show Death Vesel (11 PM), a newer Sub Pop artist, and Crooked Fingers will be playing too (at 12 AM). Nice. This show is $12 at the door if you don't have a wrist band.
  • Rotture has three local bands in a row that are kick ass. Swim Swam Swum at 11 PM, Hockey at 12AM, and Explode Into Colors (2nd MFNW show) at 1 AM. Seriously all three bands are great. This show is only $5 if you don't have a wrist band.
  • Satyricon is having an ALL AGES show too. They have two good Portland bands right off the bat with Colt Vista at 7 PM, and White Fang at 8 PM. There are many bands afterward they I don't particularly like (I never really got Old Time Relijun who play at 11 PM). The show is ALL AGES and $12 if you don't have a wrist band.
  • And there is also an ALL AGES show featuring Portland's favorite Menomena side project, Lackthereof at the Crystal Ballroom. He takes the stage at 8:30 PM. Lackthereof label mate John Vanderslice (SF) plays at 9:30 PM, and some band called Vampire Weekend plays at 10:30 PM. This ALL AGES show will cost $18 if you don;t have a wrist band.

Saturday, September 6th

I am out of town playing an AristeiA show and will miss all of the greatness that is the last day of Music Fest NW. The only thing that kind of comforts me is that I will not have to make any decisions that would most undoubtedly tear me apart.

  • Berbati's Pan has a couple local acts, opening for a couple of legendary (in certain circles) acts. Black Elk play at 9 PM, The Joggers play at 10 PM, Trans AM (Bethesda, Maryland) play at 11 PM, and Polvo (Chapel Hill) plays at 12 AM.

  • Doug Fir has awesome line up too. Matt Sheehy plays at 8 PM, Weinland play at 9 PM, Loch Lomond play at 10 PM, Fernando plays at 11 PM, Bobby Bare Jr. (Nashville) play at 12 AM, and (one of my favorite bands of all time) Centro-Matic play at 1 AM. These bands are so good. Did I mention that Centro-Matic is one of my favorite bands of all time? This show is $12 if you don't have a wrist band.
  • Fez Ballroom has a show with a couple of good Portland acts. Including Blind Pilot at 10 PM. It should be noted that Sir Mix-A-Lot will be playing this show at 12:30 PM. This show is $10 if you do not have a wrist band.

Sunday, September 7th

I know you had a crazy weekend but there is at least one more show you will want to attend (maybe).

  • As part of the TBA Fesitival, Parenthetical Girls are playing the entirety of their new album, Entanglements, with a Chamber Orchestra. It is taking place at Left Bank it will cost $10 and be worth it.

So if you see me at any of these show. Please feel free to come up and say "Hi".


Music Fest NW The only thing to do this week (unless you have a life or something).


Amber Dawn said...

unfortunately I probably won't be making it to any of these shows. but, I didn't realize that britt daniel actually lived in portland now. or else I knew and I forgot. that's pretty cool. I like him.

Ben Meyercord said...

Yeah. He has lived her for like three years now. Though this is only his second solo show since has lived here . It was really good. Janet Weise played drums an sang on several songs.