Sunday, August 10, 2008

Double Cha

Just heard about some crazy new technology accessible via your cell phone courtesy of Dave Depper who originally caught it on End Hits.

Basically you text any question you can think of to the number 242-242 and you get an almost instant response.

So in lieu of watching SNL tonight, due to Olympics coverage I decided to give it a try.

Despite my initial desire to really test the boundaries of the system (What's a good drug dealer that delivers in Portland? Under what conditions will a genie grant "More wishes" as a wish request? How successful, in tangible terms, was Justin Timberlake in his quest to bring sexy back? etc.) I decided to start out a bit more basic. The results are as follows:

Text 1: What's a good show to go to @ musicfest nw that will be dance friendly?

Response: Mogwai looks great!!!

Verdict: Mad props on the quick response, but I really don't see Mogwai as a very dance-oriented band. Famous and very well-known internationally? Check. Mogwai as dance party starting band? Personally I don't see it. I thought that the Dan Deacon show would be a more appropriate response. You be the judge.

Text 2: What's a good venue to play in vancouver, wa?

Response: Adrianna Hill Grand Ballroom 918 SW Yamhill, 2nd Floor

Verdict: WTF?!. Fail.

Text 3: What's a good venue to play in vancouver, wa. Not portland, or.

Response: A major venue is The Ampitheater at Clark County, in Ridgefield, WA

Verdict: Gave them a 2nd chance, but still, Fail.

Text 4: What would be a funny youtube video that i could post on my blog?

Response: Check out the 'grape lady falls' video.

Verdict: I know that humor is subjective so I won't judge them too harshly on this one, Particularly since they responded almost immediately. That said I didn't think it was nearly funny enough to actually post.

Text 5: What's a good new summer hip-hop mixtape?

Response: The Preview by DJ Drama is supposed to be heat rocks.

Verdict: Finally. Some real info I can actually use! Extra credit for using the term "heat rocks". A+

So, all in all, it's hit or miss. Better than a magic 8-ball but not as informative as a simple google search through a laptop/iphone/et cet. That said, I can see it coming in handy if you're trying to settle a bet at the bar or some obscure bit of minutiae escapes you at the bus stop.

If you do end up trying it, feel free to leave examples of your exchanges in the comments.


Ben Moral said...

Q: Who will be first against the wall when the revolution comes?

A: Internet bloggers will be first against the wall. Thanks for asking!

Ste. Goldie said...

George from Rudement told me about this. I didn't try it becaue I don't like talking to Satan.

Ben Moral -- WHAT THE FUCK? Was that your text question and answer?

FYI -- There are no GOOD venues in Vancouver, Washington, only sucky ones.

Amber Dawn said...

Also I think that the 15th st pub is an okay venue in vancouver, although their drinks taste like hell

Anonymous said...

Ok St. G... once again we agree to disagree.

Ever since I hit up the oujia board @ a 6th grade sleepover I've enjoyed talking to Satan immensely. At this point it's not even first name basis, I'm so beyond that. I just call him D.

Seriously though, response from text 2 for the wedding? Prob not, but hope something works out.

@ Ben Moral = holla! my man! thanks for the comment. When the revo DOES come i'll catch you @ the wall.

@Amber D = thanks for answering the question i was ultimately after! i actually think i might like their drinks. especially if i'm hanging with my boy D, what with him being so used to drinks from hades and all.

Ben Moral said...

Just to clarify, that was the question and answer from ChaCha, not my personal opinion.

Also, you should let me blog on your blog. I'll write funny stories about that one time I got drunk and also about crazy shit I come across on CD Baby. Like this guy:

I mean, how can you say no to Smokey Joe?

Ben Meyercord said...

Ben Moral--I want you to blog on the blog

Ste. Goldie said...

you know my deals!

Ste. Goldie said...

The 15 Street Pub is horrible! It's like taking a bath in an ashtray and then rolling around in dog poo!!!

Satan is played out.

Hi Ben Moral.

Amber Dawn said...

yeah but as far as seeing a show in vancouver goes, it's not the amphitheatre? I've literally had good times there before. Though it's clearly less cool than like, most other things.

Ste. Goldie said...

Amberdawn -- It's not even that the place wasn't cool. I like the paintings on the wall... their attitude about booking show was really pissy. plus the bartender didn't know what a hot toddie was and then he tried to charge me 7 dollars for it!!! They have a stage but it's like 7 feet up from the floor. I don't like looking up peoples noses. Since it's the only other place in DT VanWa besides MoJO's, I guess I should be grateful that there is at least one place.