Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for August 26th

Hello Dear Readers,

Whats up? Man Last night was super fun. My favorite part was playing Rock Band on Grand St out of the back of a "pimped out" Matrix. I have never played the game before, it seemed very unnatural, but I see the appeal. It was really fun to watch others just completely and utterly fail. I also had a blast with the complementary cell phone lights. I don't know how many people's eye sight I permenantly damaged, but I know it was worth it(shinging bright lights into your friends eyes is hilarious and fun!).

Anyway here are some more show suggestions for you.

Tuesday, August 26th

  • As many of you already know Dramady is playing at Valentine's tonight. What you may not know is that Pelican Ossman and The Bugs are also playing. This will definately be a worth while show. It is FREE but donations will gladly be accepted. The show starts at 9 PM.
  • There is a super cool exclusive show thing happening at Rontoms tonight. Its FREE and actually i guess not all that exclusive. But you do need to RSVP to it to be allowed entrance. Here are some details: "Drambuie and Myopenbar will present the first installation of Lost & Found. Lost & Found was an avant-garde film society established in New York City in 1943 which aimed to create a total multimedia immersion by pairing short films with contemporary musical scores. More than six decades later, Lost & Found mysteriously reappears in Portland and tries to recreate the bygone era's ambitious visions. The evening's program will feature short films by Jan ┼ávankmajer and David Lynch paired with a live performance by a local musical collective A Weather, complimentary Drambuie cocktails and hors d'oeuvres with veggie-friendly options." Sounds good right? The event starts at 7 PM.
  • Or you can go to Pix Patisserie in North Portland to catch some FREE tunes from Super XX Man and Leigh Marble. I have lived in Portland for four years and I still have not seen Super XX Man play. Its ridiculous because I genuinly enjoy the music he makes. I have not really heard much of Leigh Marble but I know that he has played a few shows with Super XX Man which totally puts him on my radar of people to watch. The Show is FREE (and I'm pretty sure ALL AGES) and starts at 8 PM.

So if you see me at any of these shows come up and say "Hi".


Super XX Man plays Pix Patisserie on Tonight. For FREE.

p.s. What shows did I miss last week that were to die for?


Kid Tyger said...

So pissed I'm missing Dramady!

If anyone goes, please share how it went down in this comment space so I can experience it vicariously through you.

Alex said...

I don't know where to email you but I wanted to give you the heads up on a sleepercar (featuring Jim Ward of Sparta/At The Drive In)

sept 4 2008

Music Fest NW

please email me if you have any questions, I am sure you'll love this band, they are really really good.