Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ben Meyercord Live Music Picks for Jan. 14th to Jan. 20th

I am proud of myself. I actually made it out to some shows last week. A whopping 4 out of the 12 shows I had listed. Do the math, (thats a third of the shows I listed, just in case you didn't want to do the math). I plan to do even better this week. And believe you me there some good shows to catch this week.

Check it out:

Monday, Jan. 14th
  • The Someday Lounge will be having a show which features Seattle's Pwrfl Power and two of Portland's up and comers Mattress and Ah Holly Fam'ly. I believe that this show got a write up in the Mercury so I won't get into too much detail, but I will say this. I have been meaning to catch Ah Holly Family for what seems to be forever. Hopefully I will on Monday. It costs $5. Show at 9PM
Tuesday, Jan. 15th
  • The only thing I can full heartedly recommend is the Zilla Sake Open Mic. Again this happens every single Tuesday and is hosted by the amazing Y La Bamba. I try to play this as Meyercord every week. Other cool people play this every week. The quality of this thing is actually quite surprising. Sign up at 7:30. This free music extravaganza starts at 8PM.
Wednesday, Jan. 16th

Apparently the nights that are most likely to have shows that I want to see always fall on the days that I am least likely to see them (ie band practice days: Wednesday and Saturday). This may be a good thing though since there always seems to be some difficult decisions to be made.
Thursday, Jan. 17th
  • The Holocene's music label, Holocene Music, has put out some pretty good local records in the past year or so. This night they are planning the premiere of a couple of good local music videos for their label's own The Shaky Hands and Swan Island in the form of a screening. Both bands will also perform live sets as well as DJ sets. And the best part is free. Show starts at 9PM.
Friday, Jan. 18th

I know that Dan Decon is playing an awesome show at the Holocene tonight but if you want to keep it local or at least among friends of Portland, than look at this:
Saturday, Jan. 19th

You know how earlier I made mention of all the shows being on Wednesdays and Saturdays,; well check this out. There are no less than six shows that I will list for this Saturday. Crazy.
  • The first show I want to list because it sounds like alot of fun. I am unsure as to how "good" it will be, but it will most likely be a good time. I am talking about Fist of Dishonor's show at Dante's. Fist of Dishonor, of course being the local Ninja band sensation, will be performing with Cocktail Cabaret and Hello Lobster. This will cost you $5. Show starts at 9PM.
  • Kelly's Olympian will be having a show featuring The Harvey Girls, Cars and Trains (who I have mentioned in this blog before but have yet to see), and Autotopia. All of these acts sound look like they would be interesting to see. There is no listed cost of this show. Show starts at 9PM.
  • The Doug Fir Lounge is having the always awesome live, ochestrated folk-pop of Loch Lomond. Matt Sheehy and Johanna Kunin. Show costs $8. Music starts at 9PM.
  • The Artistery is having a good show this night as well. Mirah is playing. This is exciting because it seems like she has only played a handful of shows in the last several years. Bryce Panic, Arrington de Dionyso, and Rebecca Pearcy,who are all interconnected in ways too complicated to list here, will open the show. The show is $12. ALL AGES so show will start at 8PM.
  • Mississippi Pizza is having two shows tonight. Both are worth checking out. Alan Singley will be having an ALL AGES early show. He has a new record coming out pretty soon so he will probably be busting out some new tunes. Don't know if there is a cover. Music at 6PM.
  • The second show at Mississippi Pizza will feature Loch Berlin, TheFriendly Skies, and Wooden Indian Burial Ground. An interesting line up for sure. I saw The Friendly Skies play las Monday and it was awesome. I am unsure if there is a cover. Music starts at 9PM.
Sunday, Jan. 20th

Sunday is my Birthday! There are also no recommended shows by me!

So go out to shows this week. Come say hi to me if you do. I will be the guy near the front who looks like this:

Meyercord will be playing Zilla Sake on Friday.


Ben said...

So if there was not enough incentive to go to the free Holocene video premiers already, I just learned that it might be Swan Islands swan song.
Check out this Local Cut entry.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for saying we were awesome! You're awesome too!
The Friendly Skies