Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks Jan. 21st - Jan. 27th

Oh man, I am tired. I tried to got to more shows last week and yet I think I managed to go to even less than normal. I am ready for warmth outside. Or some free time or sleep or a combination of the the two. But what is that you say? This is not a dairy and you want actual music picks. Well hold your horse is, cause here they are:

Monday, Jan. 21st

Usually there are some decent shows on Monday. This Monday, however, has two really good shows. Both are free. Both are at venues that are too cool to have websites.
  • The Tube (18 NW 3rd Ave) are having a show with Reporter, Swallows, DJ Nate C. You may recognize Reporter because they used to play under the name Wet Confetti. I is awesome angular rock. I must admit I am not familiar with Swallows, but it looks to be awesome as well. And why not go see them. The show starts at 9:30 and is Free.
  • Speaking of awesome and free. You might want to check out Valentine's (232 SW Ankeny) because they are having Sarah Winchester, Sonny Fields, and Jack Bouba. Sarah sings as the "girl" part of the boy/girl vocals and plays the drums in A Weather (one of my favorite Portland bands). I saw her play at the Holocene a month ago just her and a guitar and it sounded great. I am excited about the possibility of hearing her play again. I just listened to Sonny and he sounds good. Geez. I just checked out Jack and he sounds good too (plus he wants his music to be called Fuck Folk. Bonus!). This show looks like it might be where I end up. Free. 9PM.
  • Or if you want to go to a free show in NOPO then you get check out the hillbilly sounds of Podunk at The World Famous Kenton Club. This is the place that has the huge lumber jack outside of it. Free. 6PM.
Tuesday, Jan. 22nd

So I know that usually I only list open mics on Tuesdays. But that is because usually that is all that is going on on the second day of the week. But check it, I'm going to list at least two non-open mic shows.
  • If you happen to have an extra $25-$28 laying around, you might consider going over to The Crystal Ballroom to see The Decemberists play a show with The Dead Trees (after looking at their page I see that they are plying the Know the previous day. How do you play the Know one night and The Crystal Ballroom the next night? Crazy.). I know that they are huge and on a major label and all but hey, I still thank they're great. So what? It costs $25-$28. Show is at 9PM.
  • If you don't have that kind of cash but still feel like seeing some local quirky indiepop you can head to Holocene to catch the Alex Arrow Smith (get it?), Lonesome Radio Heart, and New Agency show. I don't know much about these bands but Holocene usually has good taste in music plus it is only $6. Show is at 9PM.
  • Don't even have $6? Do not worry. There is always open mic at Zilla Sake every Tuesday. I know that open mics are usually very cringe worthy but this is quite the opposite. First of all it is hosted by the incredible Y La Bamba. Second of all Meyercord usually plays it. Third of all I hear they have good sake and I know they have good tea. Sign up is at 7:30PM. The show is free. Music Starts at 8:00PM.
Wednesday, Jan. 23rd

As always, you have quite a variety of shows to pick from on Wednesday.
  • If you missed The Decemberists play on Tuesday or if you happened upon $30, you'll want to check out the (in my humble opinion) better of the two shows at The Crystal Ballroom as Psuedosix will be opening. Again it will be $25-$28. 9PM.
  • Speaking of The Cyrstal Ballroom, a while back I was attending the last night of MusicFest NW at that very same Venue. I was there see Wolf Parade. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that both opening acts were quite good as well. Holy Fuck seems to really be taking off. It will be interesting to see if the local band, Swim Swam Swum will see some of the same success. You can catch them at Berbati's Pan with Seattle's Patient Patient and World's Greatest Ghosts on Wednesday. The show is a modest $5. 10PM.
  • The Doug Fir is having Musee Mecanique, Michael Hurley, and MBilly play a show. I first noticed Musee Mecanique quite a few months ago when I noticed that several of my favorite local bands had this band in their "top friends". Then when it was announced that they were Laura Gibson's touring backing band I finally checked them out. They sound pretty darn good. Michael Hurley is apparently a folk singer legend. I heard him play with Alela Diane at Holocene once. He was pretty good. I have seen that MBilly has opened for many a good musician. I assume that he is then good in his own right. For $8 you can go find out for yourself. Show starts at 9PM.
  • Speaking of the Holocene, Per Se is playing there with Dirty Mittens, Hurah Hurah, and Sea Caves on Wednesday. If you have ever met Anne from Per Se you know she is pretty cool. What you might not know if you met Anne is that she writes and performs good music. So if you like those other bands she is playing with you might want to consider this show. It will set you back $6. Show at 9PM.
Thursday, Jan. 24th

I most likely will not go out tonight. I will not lie to you and say oh yeah sure. I will be at the show. Lets face facts folks. Working at 6:30AM on Friday does not lend itself to seeing a show on Thursday nights. That being said:
Friday, Jan. 25th

So usually there are a few things going down on Fridays. Here is what I see.
  • One time Cello player of AristeiA, George Turner, plays in the group Sketchy Ted. If you like good old fashioned guitar pop, you might dig them. They play along side Rowdy James Band, Blare, and The Misery Science at The Ash Street Saloon. The show is $5. 9:30 PM.
  • The Someday Lounge is having a very cool event on Friday. It is part of the Triple Dare Series which usually involves an author, a film maker, and a musician. This one is called, "Is that all there is?". There is a lot to this event and I don't really feel like writing it all so let me just let you know that Shelly Short will be playing and you will get more entertainment value than a "normal show". The event will set you back $8 and totally be worth it.
Saturday, Jan. 26th

Show night in Portland. You want some options? I got your options right here:
Sunday, Jan. 27th

I usually don't go to show on Sundays but...
  • Valentines is having Paint and Copter, EET, and Smoke & ; Mirrors play this Sunday. Valentine's is good for bringing together interesting bills. This is no exception. The show is FREE. Show starts at 9PM.

Whew. As always I hope to see you at some of these shows. Support your local bands (you can also support your local blogs by commenting on and linking to this blog). Have a great week.

-Ben Meyercord

Come see Brandon's Favorite Band this Saturday at Kelly's Olympian


Gabriel Darling said...

So, these are definitely the kind of evenings we want to have in Portland: "Danava? or Dragging an Ox Through Water night??"

Sincerely, one really can't do better than a night of Brian Mumford inventiveness and lovely amounts of reverb + delay layers of aural narrative seascapes!

But how can one go wrong with a wide variety!?

Danava + hummus = happy women! ;.)

errrr... your own interpretation of terra-sonic euphony!


Gabriel Darling said...

As for Holy Fuck!

They really made that evening super swell and delightfully sweaty with all the dance beats... PORTLAND REALLY KNOWS HOW TO DANCE...

ok, when they want to...

otherwise... it's me and well...


Ste. Goldie said...

Ben -- who's brandon?

aliagrace said...

i, myself am going to see two ton boa duets on saturday!!!

Ste. Goldie said...

Alia -- I would love to hear a review from you!!!

Ben Meyercord said...

Alia-- I am leaning towards the Two Ton Boa as well. It is near the house and I love me some dragging an ox through water.