Monday, January 28, 2008

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Jan. 28th to Feb. 3rd

Hello Portland Music Scene. How are you? I know it has been some time since I have seen you. I don't know how to say this so I guess I will just say it. I have been have been having a love affair with my bedroom (I did not want to leave it last week and was doing pretty good job, though I occasionally made it as far as my living room) . I suppose what I mean Portland Music Scene, is that you need to do better to sway my interests. Oh. I see that you actually have some shows that I will not miss this week. Good.

The rest of you who live in Portland and surrounding areas can come these shows as well. Here they are:

Monday, Jan. 28th

  • Not a whole lot going on this night. To be honest, if I was going to go to a show, it would be to to be super awesome yet non-Portland bands Liars (free ep for download at their website) and No Age (have heard of them) at the Wonder Ballroom. Wait, I just found out there is a local band opening. Yay! an excuse to list this show. Nordic (who don't know much about, but apparently they are the Mercury's "band of the week") is the local band I referred to as "opening". I would imagine that they are pretty good if they are playing this show. As always with the Wonder Ballroom, this is an ALL AGES show. It costs $12 (plus service charge). Music starts at 8 PM.
  • Hey did you know that there is a Portland Music Awards. Crazy. I guess it is some sort of awards show for Portland music. NW Noise wrote this about it. Seems pretty weird. Portland Music Awards will feature: Art Alexakis; Leigh Marble; The Dimes; Drew Shoals Collective; Ohmega Watts; Debra Arlyn; Josh Hodges; Carlyle; Papa Salty; Soundspell; Gunnar Roads; Uprite Dub Orchestra; Ashleigh Flynn; Caleb Klauder; Sammy Lind; Key of Dreams ; Craig Marquardo; Rose City Chamber Orchestra (I apologize, but I am not going to link to all of these bands). There are a couple of good people playing it, ie Josh Hodges (of Sexton Blake and Starfucker) and Ohmega Watts, but Art Alexakis is playing the event so it is hard to take seriously. Plus it costs $20 to get in. Plus it is at the Roseland. Plus it starts at 7PM.
Tuesday, Jan. 29th

I'd like to say that I am glad that there usually isn't any shows going in on Tuesdays. This is mainly because over the last couple of months I have become addicted to open mics (only the good ones though).
  • The Someday Lounge has a good one hosting by CIMTB contributer Gabriel Darling. It is called The Incubator. Sign up is at at 8:30. The free event starts at 8-ish and lasts until Midnight.
  • Zilla Sake has the other good one every Tuesday. This one is hosted by Y La Bamba (one of my favorite musicians). The sign up for the (also free) event is at 7:30 and it starts at 8PM.
Wednesday, Jan. 30th

Usually Wednesday there are too many shows. Fortunately this week I can only find two that I can recommend. Actually, they are timed in a way that is possible to see part of both shows (the good parts anyway).
  • I think David Evan is awesome. I predict others will soon catch on, so this Wednesday might be one of your chances to "see him when". He is playing at a restaurant called Calypso. It is a free show at 7 PM.
  • The other show is at The Doug Fir. Basically this is a benefit to help raise money for Brent, a faithful employee of the Doug Fir. You see his folks place basically burned down in an unfortunate turn of events just two days before Christmas. They live in Texas (the state from which I came from), so I figured I would help out by playing some music (it is all I can really do) . You can help out by paying to see said music. Actually, there are 17 bands total playing the event, they call it Brentfest. For a sliding scale of $5 to $15 it is a good deal. But there is more. Prizes will be raffled off during the night. Prizesfrom: doug fir
    jupiter hotel
    color bomb tattoos
    wack hair studios
    ace hotel
    bridgeport brewing
    photos by kyle oddson
    hair cuts by bethany and holly!

    and many more to be confirmed soon!
    Sound exciting. Yes, yes it does. So you might even benefit yourself by attending this benefit. Did I mention the schedule? No I did not. But here it is: opener
    kacie sims 8pm

    james low 8:20

    hanz araki 8:40

    ocelli 9pm

    alan singley and the pants machine 9:20

    bombs into you 9:40

    the state of oregon 10:00

    solovox 10:20pm

    new york rifles 10:40

    raffle!!!! 11pm

    london and the look 11:30

    the orange collection 11:50

    chris tsefalas band 12:10

    meyercord 12:30

    adrian and the wounds

    negative zen 1:10

    titans of oblivion 1:30 Petty cool huh? Though I am not familiar with a lot of these bands. I am excited to see them. It will be a lot of fun regardless of whether they are good or not. Show starts at 8PM.
Thursday, Jan. 31st

There are several shows happening tonight. For example:
  • The Know is having a free show featuring At Dusk, Church, and Ghosties. I have listened to all of the bands and it sounds like a good show. Plus At Dusk features Carey Clark who is all around good guy (he is heavily involved with PDX Pop Now! and fighting issues with the OLLC). Ghosties is part of the Boy Gorilla crew who features a lot of talented young folk in this town. Again the show is free. Music starts at 8 PM.
  • The Ash Street Saloon is having Eux Autres, Shane Watt, Krista Muir, and Ley Lines play a show. It is not a completely local show (half the bands are Canadian the other half are Portlanders), but I have heard nothing but good things about local brother sister duo Eux Autres. The show costs you only $5. Music starts at 9 PM.
  • The Holocene will also host some Canadians as We Are Wolves take the stage. More importantly, former Wet Confetti peeps, Reporter, are playing. DJ Nightschool and DJ Partyallthetime will be spinning records through out the night as well. The show costs $6. Doors at 9 PM.
  • A while back Gabriel Darling recommended that we all go see The Slants. Here is a chance to do so at Berbati's Pan. The New Wave Electro Asians are set to play all over the place in the coming months. Thursday they will be joined by local punks Lickity and the live laptop pop that is Gejius. But seriously, I saw Gejius play at PDX Pop Now! 2007 and it was good times. The show costs $5. The show starts at 9 PM.
Friday, Feb, 1st

I am going to list two shows. I am only going to one.
  • My favorite musician right now (those who know me know that I am always talking about her) is Y La Bamba. I just think she is top notch. I am stoked to get to see her play more than the two songs alloted at the Zilla open mic. She is playing at Nine Muses. Ocelli also will play. I don't know much about them but I will see them on Wednesday at the Doug Fir thing. The cost is $5. Music starts at 9 PM.
  • If you want to see something free you can head over to the Mississippi Studios and catch Modernstate play with Moodring, and Mr. Fredrick. It is free. Show starts at 10 PM.
Saturday, Feb. 2nd

There are many shows on Saturday that will be good. But just like Friday I have already decided which show I will attend.

  • We're From Japan! is playing at Kelly's Olympian (426 SW Washington Portland, OR 97204). In order to get his lady friend, Andi Camp, to see his band play, John from WFJ! arranged for her band, My Brightest Comet to play as well. Did I mention that John plays in that band too? Well, he does. Both band are awesome. Anyway, I am all over this show. Castle will be opening the show. The cost is not listed but I would be willing to throw down some cash on this show, so should you. Show is at 9 PM.
  • Dante's occasionally will have a good show. Saturday night is one of those nights. John Doe (ex-X) will be in town playing with locals Richmond Fontaine, Mike D and the Thee Loyal Bastards, and Miss Derringer. I can vouch for all but Miss Derringer and even that is three out of four bands guaranteed to rock. It is $8 in advance and $10 at the door. It starts at 9 PM.
  • The Roturre has a show going on Saturday that I wouldn't mind seeing. The Maybe Happening who I all whatev's about have Nick Jaina, who I think is great, and Dat'r, who are really fun to see, opening for them. It is a cd realease party so there is a chance that they have some new material that is as great as the openers. Only one way to find out. The show costs $6. Doors are at 9 PM.
  • One more thing on Saturday. Kimya Dawson (formerly of the Moldy Peaches) is doing a free instore performance at Music Millennium playing songs from the Juno Soundtrack. I know she isn't local but it is happening at a local record shop so I figured it counts. Free. Music starts at 3 PM.
Sunday, Feb. 3rd

Today is my day of rest. Mostly because there are no shows that interest me. Though I might just be unaware of them.

So those are the show I would have you see. If you happen to see me at one of these shows please say hi. If you don't see me at one of these shows. You should comment on the blog and be all "Hey Ben, WTF?" I will then proceed to apologize.


p.s. you should comment on the blog anyway


Ste. Goldie said...

I'm gonna blog about it and link to your blog... Am I crazy? did you actually publish this yesterday (sunday)? maybe I should repost it for today... i'm confused (as always)

Ben Meyercord said...

Goldie-- I reposted it for you.

Everyone else--I just found out about another show that takes place tonight at Valentines (232 SW Ankeny). Kele Goodwin is playing with Au Holly Family and Mikah Skyes. Kele is really good. I have wanted to see Au Holly Family but have not. I will almost assuredly not be at this show. But maybe you should be? There is no cost (FREE). The music starts at 9:30 PM.

Ste. Goldie said...

Ben -- blog about it blog about it labels(tags): FREE SHOW, Valentine's etc etc

Gabriel Darling said...

FREE! We like FREE shows....

Thanks Ben!

My busy show night will be this Wednesday!

Everyone hearts that Meyercord band and those nifty nifty nifty peeps and pops!