Tuesday, January 22, 2008

15th Street Pub -- A Music Venue For You To Book A Show At!

Portland bands are always looking at new ways of reaching a broader audience. One way to do that is to head north on I-5, cross the Columbia river and head into adorable downtown Vancouver, Washington (Say WA?).

Downtown Vancouver has one place where I would want to see a show and that is the 15th Street Pub.

To book shows you can drop off a demo and press kit and/or contact them via Myspace. One of the bartenders told me they were booked out to April... Don't be put off by their seemingly unhelpful approach to talking to the public. My feeling is since it really is the only place for bands to play shows in a normal club setting (not the lounge at the Red Lion at the Quay) they are inundated with bands and musicians looking to play there.

15th Street Pub
109 W 15th St
Vancouver, WA 98660
(360) 693-8528


Adam Steinfink said...

15th street pub has great grub, NOT!!!!!!!!!!

Apple CIder VInegar said...

I like the building, the booths, the weird zodiac painting on the wall. I even like the menu -- well they did give me fettuccine when I ordered spaghetti -- and they tried to charge me $7 for a Hot Toddy. I talked them down to $6! Jerks behind the bar but I guess that is all Vancouver is good for. I recommend show up and try to make the best of it. I want to hear GOOD live music in Vancouver...

Ben Meyercord said...

The Couve should put together a music festival celebrating its musical friendship with Portland. Right now I can't really think of any Vancouver bands but I am sure they exist right? It would be cool to have them playing alongside some PDX bands.

Ste. Goldie said...

I want to put together a show there! I'm talking to a couple bands... one of them has already played there... i will do some more research... the 15th Street Pub myspace doesn't have a list of shows. At least from what I could tell. Sometimes I dont' see so good on myspace. Uhhhhmmm... gotta go to rehearsal! Actually my friend Lon (he's in JC Superstar) has played there. I think they have an open mic night or something. more later!