Thursday, September 20, 2012

Portland Cello Project tackles Radiohead this Saturday!

Lloyd Bentsen is watching you poop.
 Remember, I have been demanding tributes like this forever, so keep 'em coming!

Yes, like the fabled chocolate and peanut butter, there is going to be a sublime menage of two great things... local heroes the Portland Cello Project, and non-Doctor-Who-British-spacemen Radiohead.  It's coming up this Saturday at the Aladdin Theater!

I'm not sure if I've stated my position on Radiohead before.  My first exposure to them was "Creep," like it was for so many others.  That was the summer I also discovered Urge Overkill, but that's another story.  I felt like the promise of their big single from Pablo Honey was not lived up to in their subsequent releases, and I put Radiohead aside for many years until I met my wife and raided her ipod, discovering Kid A in the process.  I've been a fan of all their work since that groundbreakingly weird album, and it sounds like I am a minority in that view.

A lot of people- like, billions, man- treasure OK Computer as Radiohead's finest hour.  It's considered the Cadillac of Pink Floyd.  Or, wait, "Radiohead's Dark Side of the Moon".  Well, to paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen, "That's no moon."  I can't deny the influence it's had, however, or its stature among fans and critics alike.
So, it is with totally unreserved hibbly-jibblies that I announce this really awesome show.  You need to hop up and get your tickets NOW Now now! SATURDAY Saturday saturday!  BE THERE Be There be there!

From the press release:

Radiohead's classic album performed in its entirety by a cello ensemble,

with a wind ensemble, and an 8-piece choir.

Featuring: Chicago's City of Tomorrow wind quintet, a new Portland men's choir under the direction of Stephen Marc Beaudoin, with a cameo from Adam Shearer

Where: Aladdin Theater, 3017 Southeast Milwaukie Avenue, Portland, OR

Details: Doors 7pm
Show 8pm

Cost: $15

Portland Cello Project Artistic Director Douglas Jenkins always said that he would never score out any Radiohead arrangements for PCP, because the originals were perfect enough soundscapes as they are.

However, the serendipity of a simultaneous collaboration with the world-class wind quintet, City of Tomorrow (the only wind ensemble for the last ten years to win the gold medal in the Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition), and a top-notch new men's choir led by Stephen Marc Beaudoin (recorded and toured with Pink Martini, soloist with Fear no Music, and Executive Director of PHAME), made the temptation to take on this legendary album unavoidable.

The performance of OK Computer will be interspersed with a unique assortment of contrasting and complementary classical music.

Adam Shearer (Alialujah Choir, Weinland) will sing "Exit Music (For a Film)," but otherwise, the vocals will always come en masse from the choir.


Portland Cello Project:

City of Tomorrow:

Alialujah Choir:

PCP High-Resolution Photos and Bio:

So yeah!  Get thee to this show!  Crappy will be sending out intrepid Bookish Heather to do some of her patented review magic.  Check that article out in a few days.

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