Sunday, September 16, 2012

Get on the dark fairy tale bandwagon with "Death to the Brothers Grimm"

It'll be okay Jacob, they'll get Heath Ledger to play you
There are perks to running the damn blog.  One of them is that if I have a book coming out, I get to plug it here.  Well, like my last novel, in this case my contribution to an anthology of twisted fairy tales is music-focused.  Okay, let's be honest, almost everything I write is music-focused.  So what?

Dark fairy tale retellings  are all the rage right now- nowhere more so than here in PDX what with the show Grimm being set here and all.  You've got comic book series, and a blockbuster movie that ended up with Kristen Stewart not boning Chris Hemsworth.

But this is PDX, and we like shit weird, so why settle for a Supernatural knockoff?  "Death To The Brothers Grimm" is a short story anthology from Omnium Gatherum Press featuring some of the best surreal and absurdist writers on the indie scene today.  Garrett Cook hits a nice Leyner/Pahlaniuk groove with his take on "Bluebeard".  ML Roos puts forth a truly horrific version of "Little Red Riding Hood".  Portlander Lee Widener- host of "Neverending Wonder" and CIMTB contributor- explores the cheeky side of the Cthulhu Mythos, and plenty more.  At the end of the antho- appropriately- is my mashup of "Pinocchio" and the iconography of Doors frontman Jim Morrison.

Of course I'm biased because I'm in this book, but if you're one those people who likes to keep up with the zeitgeist without being a complete square, "Death to the Brothers Grimm" is a great way to take a dose of your fairy tale medicine.  Out now!

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