Friday, September 7, 2012

Last Minute Show Picks 9/7/12

Just a couple of shows to mention, and one is tonight!

Tim from Boneworm is a cool guy and his new stoner metal project is joining some like-minded others tonight at Plan B.  Highly recommended.  Tonight, so get down there!

Composer Scott Frieman "deconstructs" The Beatles in his presentation "Looking Through The Glass Onion," September 12 at the Hollywood Theater.  Very interesting...

If that last one is a little too pomo or meta (is that what the kids these days are calling it?) for you, then check out j.wong with DAWNS, also September 12, but at the Hawthorne Theater.  Wong plays self-described "sad bastard music at its finest."  Sounds like a nice fit for winding down summer with.

EDIT:  Eagle-eyed Ryan Feigh brings us mention of NW Hip Hop Fest @ Kelly's Olympian tonight

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Kid Tyger said...

Also NW Hip Hop Fest @ Kelly's Olympian tonight!