Friday, September 28, 2012

Get a band banner, NOW

I was trying to find a picture of someone who had put their band logo on a bedsheet like we did back in the day... damn you Google image search!
Just a quick one here.  I've been notified that is offering a pretty sweet deal: 3'X6' vinyl band logo banners for... wait for it... free.  You just pay shipping.  Their sister site Printopia does the whole digital-art-on-canvas thing, which I am going to take advantage of post haste, what with me trying to paint recently.

My main comment (other than "Who is going to turn down free stuff?") is "Where was this when I was 17 and in a really cool band?  I guess I was lucky to have been in a band with a good artist, who made us great posters and stickers, but... seriously.  What bands are out there saying to themselves "No, we don't need a sweet banner."  Come on.

So check it out!  This offer doesn't have a specific end date, but I'd snap it up while you can.

Canvas prints!

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