Monday, September 17, 2012

Dinosaur Jr.'s new one, here's a taste

"You're about to... Feel The Pain, bear!"  That was all I could come up with.

I have to be honest- I have never really liked Dinosaur Jr.  To me, they represented some of the least desirable aspects of grunge.  Some may have taken issue with the excesses of the "perishing altrock voice," but for me blandness was a real killer.  Dinosaur Jr.'s music was okay, but to me J Mascis' voice was kind of a grunge version of David Paich.

That's just me, I guess, because a lot of people lurv lurv lurv Dinosaur Jr.  I'm discovering that being editor of the blog is a bit like preparing a family dinner.  Sometimes you want to make spicy sausage, and everybody wants tofu.

So in the spirit of family dinner, here is taste of Dinosaur Jr.'s newest, I Bet On Sky, out tomorrow on Jagjaguwar.

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