Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sounds Illustrated: Anna Paul, Yarn Owl & Fenbi at the Know, Aug 20th

Hi, Crappy Indie Readers!

I've added some new crappy indie sketches to my sketchbook. The following sketches were drawn at The Know on Alberta on Friday, August 20th. I caught three lovely performances which were part of the first annual Portland Folk Festival. (Click on any image to embiggen.)

First was Anna Paul and the Bearded Lady, an adept and boucy dixieland quartet led by vocalist/trombonist, Anna Leander:

They were followed by the reverb drenched indie pop of Yarn Owl (Pullman, WA).

Then the Fenbi International Superstars belted out high-energy, multi-ethnic bar folk.


appel82 said...

Hey, i'm the guitar player from annapaul. Who painted me? I like it! Do you do prints? I'm interested.

appeldirect at gmail dot com

Dr. Something said...

Hi Joey, thanks for getting in touch. I really enjoyed your performance. I don't have any prints, but could maybe make some. Will get in touch via email.