Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sweet summer shows at the Aladdin

Ben will probably notify all you kids about these when they are a little closer, but here is a sneak preview of a pretty amazing run of shows at the Aladdin Theater. Thanks to new friend of the blog Emily W. for giving us the hot skinny!

June 18- the Mountain Goats
So yes, I will definitely be on this show. My good friend Tim (one of the best unattached vocalists in this town, BTW)turned me on to this group, and I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that frontman John Darnielle is one of the best songwriters around. If you're a fan of the clever lyrical wordplay of Benjamin Gibbard or Colin Melloy, you're a douchebag. The stellar talent of the Mountain Goats will probably be wasted on you, but it's probably your cup of tea anyway, so get out there and support an actual indie band! Not to be missed.

July 23- Thurston Moore/Kurt Vile
I'm not sure I should have to say anything about who Thurston Moore is. I've always thought he had the least rock n' roll name ever- he should have been Thurston Thornhump Worthington III. That would have been awesome.
And so will
his performance. I am not familiar with Kurt Vile, but according to Wikipedia "His music has been likened to that of Bruce Springsteen..." which could also apply to The Killers, if you think about it. Let's hope Squire Thurston's faith in him is not misplaced.

August 10- Eels

Eels is one of those projects that can't seem to make up its mind how cool it is. On one hand, they are the work of a true auteur. On the other hand, they're that band from Shrek (no, not Smashmouth). One one hand Mark Oliver Everett is an inspired songwriter, on the other he calls himself "E". Dude, fuck you. Seriously. Nonetheless, I have it on great authority that this is a fun band to see live, whose show is perpetually changing. Worth a watch!

September 17- Low

Low is one of those bands that is just cool, and creepy, and kind of slips in your house with a gun and makes you listen. They're alternately dense and airy, and sort of sound like Morphine if all the dudes from Morphine stepped out of the studio and Low stepped in.


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