Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for Thursday, May 5th

Hello Dear Readers,

Last night I didn't go to any shows. I was making sure that I got better (I have been sick the last several days) I feel all better now. Also, happy Cinco de Mayo. Anyways, here are the shows that look good to me tonight:

Mississippi Studios is having a Cinco de Mayo celebration with Y La Bamba and Grand Hallway (Seattle). This show is gonna be fun. There will be a mariachi band. A DJ group called Los Estupidos. I play in Y La Bamba and am stoked to say that we are about to go on tour with Neko Case on the East Coast. We have some newer songs that we have worked out on our tour that we just got back from. Once we get back we will go straight into the studio. It is all very exciting. Grand Hallway is a band from Seattle that we have played with before. They make well orchestrated folk pop music. That, no offense to Seattle, sounds like it's from Portland. Upon researching them a bit more I see that their soon to be released album Winter Creatures was produced here in Portland by Gary Gray (Carcrashlander). It sounds great. Also, last I checked Brian Wright (also of Carcrashlander) was drummer for the group. The show is $12 and starts at 8:30 PM.

Crystal Ballroom is having the last of several days of celebrating the grand opening of The Crystal Hotel. There will be several days of M. Ward. Tonight he will be joined by Doug Martsch, and The Lord's Own Choir. I have been writing about M. Ward for days. I don't know if I have any new spin of something to say. I feel like you guys know who he is and what his music is like. If not, click the link I provided and be prepared to have a new favorite artist. Doug Martsch is also a huge name. Have you ever heard of BUILT TO SPILL? Yeah that is the Dough Martsch show. He has a very unique though much imitated vocal presence. His songs are brilliant. They are instantly lovable and often have thought provoking (if on a stoner level at times) lyrics. I have a couple CD-rs of him doing solo shows and they are great. In addition to the BTS oup put, he has his awesome blues inspired solo album Now You Know. And he often pulls out great covers. The show is $25 and starts at 9 PM.

If you see me at any of these shows please say, "hi".


Y La Bamba plays at Mississippi Studios tonight!

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