Monday, April 27, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for the rest of April

Hello Dear Readers,

I must say Saturday Night was one of the most fun shows I have ever been a part of. All the Bands were so good. I knew that Nurses and Jared Mees were going to spectacular (which they were), but I had not seen Dirty Mittens in a looong time. They were so good. NE Ways...

Monday, April 27th

Valentine's is having a show with White Rainbow, Chen Santa Maria (Oakland), Dan Friel (Brooklyn) and Grandfather Claws. I really like the kind of ambient-ish drone stuff that Adam Forkner of White Rainbow makes. He generally keeps good company so this show is probably worth checking out. Plus Valentine's puts on good shows. Good FREE shows. Things are set to start sometime after 9 PM.

Birdcostumes, Totallyripped (B.C.), Sexnegatives (B.C.), Captains Daughter. It should be interesting to see what the prismatic spay is all about. All's I really know is that Bird Costumes is really cool. Check out the bird mask in his myspace pics. Classic! The show is

The Wail is the venue that took over the space that Rererato used to be. I have yet to see a show since they reopened the space so I am pretty curious. Tonight they are having a show with Totally Ripped, Sex Negatives and Why I Must Be Careful. I have seen what Why I must be careful and liked their jazzy experimental spazzy whatever music (if the guys in the band read this and are offended, please give me a better way to describe your music as I am lazy sometimes). The ALL AGES show is $6 and starts at 7 PM.

Tuesday, April 28th

Holocene is having a show with extremely hip bands Vivian Girls (Brooklyn), Abe Vigoda (LA), and Explode into Colors. I still have not seen Explode into Colors (unless you count youtube) for myself. When I was on tour I actually had people ask me if I have seen them when they learned I was from Portland. I think I should catch them while I still can. The show is $10. The doors are at 8:30 PM (be early if you want to see this show).

Ed Forman Show. The reason I list this is because Blitzen Trapper is playing it and it is FREE. It is intented to be funny. Trio and Thuggage are also set to play. Funny, I have never heard of either of them. Unless it is Trio from Da Da Da fame (that would be rad). The show, like I said is FREE. It starts at 9 PM.

Wednesday, April 29th

Holocene is having a folk show. Hipster style! That is to say that Castanets, Michael Hurley and The Old Believers are all playing. Catenets play folk in a weird way. Michael Hurley plays it so old school its cool. And Old Believers mix the old with the new (I heard they covered a T.I. song once which is of course punk as folk). But really I guess it is all just some good music. Seriously, the Old Believers release last year is soooo good. The show is $7. The doors are at 8:30 PM.

Doug Fir is having a show with Maria Taylor (LA), Whispertown 2000 (LA?), and Matt Sheehy. These are all for a lack of a better term kinda soft bands. They are all good, but y' isn't gonna rock or anything. Actually, last time I saw Maria Taylor she had a little but of rock going. So I take that back. But one of the bands is called Wispertown 2000 (I have a split 7" with Jenny Lewis, its good). Matt Sheey is a songwriter. Lately he has been playing in a band form (which is totally great, I mean they have a french horn and everything), but this is a rare solo set. When he plays solo it is just him and and a guitar...and some bass pedals...and a looping thing. It is pretty cool to watch. The show is $12 and starts at 9 PM.

Laurelthirst is having the last Two Beer Veirs for a while. Again this is where Laura Veirs covers old country songs with her friends. The show is FREE. The drinks are cheap? It starts at 6 PM.

Slabtown is having a show with St. Frankie Lee, Shoeshine Blue and When the Broken Bow. St. Frankie Lee is an awesome and large band (nine peoples on my last count). They know it is takes a lot to keep the attention of an audience and therefore tend to be deliberately entertain people by engaging them with music and more. The "and more" in the past has been themed shows. They teach you about a new subject every show. But last I heard, they are working on designing sets. Crazy. This show is FREE with doors at 8 PM.

Thursday, April 30th

The Cleaners at Ace Hotel is having a benefit show for PDX Pop Now! 2009 called Make it Pop! featuring: James Mercer (The Shins), Brandon Summers (Helio Sequence), Marty Marquis (Blitzen Trapper), Ryan Sollee (The Builders and the Butchers), Loch Lomond and Dantronix. This is a crazy good line up. SO good infact that they are charging $30 a head. "Admission includes food and beverages from the likes of St. Cupcake, Bakery Bar, Artemis Catering and Captured by Porches (if you're 21+)". I am thinking I might have to go. Someone want to loan me $30? The doors are at 6:30 PM.

Backspace is also having a pretty out of control ALL AGES show too. It is with Copy, Atole, White Fang, Mega*Church and DJ Linoleum. These are some prime Portland bands. I have been wanting to see Mega*Church for a mega long time. Plus Copy rules it and White Fang rules it. I looked a bit further and it appears that this show is to help raise money for an Atole tour. It is a mere $6 and starts at 8 PM.

For whatever reason Berbati's Pan is having a FREE Graves show. The Graves are a great pop band. They can get freaky, but they remain a pop band. The FREE show starts at 10 PM.

If you are in the SE and want to stay in the SE, may I suggest you go to Twighlight Cafe and Bar and see The Timbreines, New Century Schoolbook and The Neat. New Century Schoolbook lay it down. And when I say lay it down, I mean play music that makes you want to dance around a little. It is a mere $3 and starts at 9 PM.

So Say Hi, if you see me at these rad shows. It will be cool. Or at the very least awkard.


St. Frankie Lee plays for FREE on Wenddesday. Shout out "cry me a River" See what happens.

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