Saturday, April 18, 2009

Album Review : Bjorn Quenemoen Ears Will Talk

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Bjorn Quenemoen’s music is gentle, folk influenced singer-songwriter style with light orchestral backing. Touchstones for comparison would be Kings of Convenience or Belle and Sebastian at their quietest. Though I have had this album for a few weeks and been listening to and enjoying it thoroughly, I’ve had a hard time coming down to writing about it. I think this is because Bjorn’s voice, soft and familiar like that sweater you’ve had since highschool that’s so ratty you can’t wear it in public anymore, but is so comfy you put it on every time you are sitting around drinking tea in the wintertime, combined with the varied, well-orchestrated but subtle musical backing, always makes me sort of hypnotized. Therefore, although I have many times sat down with this CD and the intent of listening to it in a critical fashion, for me at least it’s damn near impossible. What I can say is that the music is beautiful and calming, lead by finger-picked guitars and quiet, shambly drums, with mandolins, strings, and muted horns backing it up. The lyrics sound at the same time like they’re very meaningful, and also make proper sense only to their writer, but this doesn’t matter. Though full of words, what really makes this music for me is the feeling. Without being overly sweet, this album gives me the feeling of being rolled up in something warm and kept safe. An appropriate soundtrack for the subtle seduction of your book-club crush. My favourite tracks were “Fader”, the opener, also “The Secret of Us” “Red Ruth” and “The Young Won’t Be Us.” If you like, take a listen at his myspace or order it from his website.

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