Friday, April 24, 2009

Ben Meyercord's Live Music Picks for April 25 to April 26

Hello Dear Readers,

If you are like me you get so tired. You think to yourself that you no longer wish to see live music. But let me tell you, I have yet to regret seeing a show that I wanted to see. Conversely, I have regretted not seeing many many shows that I wanted to see but convinced myself I didn't really need to go to. That being said, here are shows that I am interested in.


  • Doug Fir is having a show with Jared Mees & The Grown Children, Y la Bamba, Dirty Mittens and Nurses. I know I know, I play in Y La Bamba and am somewhat bias. But I have written about all of these bands before. I have said many times that I think Nurses are really cool. I have said that Jared Mees and his Grown Children are one of the most fun bands to see live. I stand by those opinions. I hope to see you at this show because it will be so good. The show is $8 and starts at 9 PM.
  • Someday Lounge i shaving a very close second best show with Joe Lally (of Fugazi), The Golden Bears and Grey Anne. I mean Grey Anne is one of my favorites too. And Fugazi? Come on, forget about it. I have not seen The Golden Bears but remember liking what I heard. The show is $8-10 and starts at 9 PM.
  • The Know is having a show with Inside Voices, The Mean Jeans and Pillow Queens. This really dissapoints me because I have been trying to see Inside Voices for quite some times. They are near the top of my lists of Portland bands I wish to see. The show is FREE and starts at 8 PM.
  • Krakow Cafe is having a show with Michael The Blind. So if you live in North and want to catch some good tunes at a reasonable hour (5:30 PM) I suggest you head on over. He is playing until 7 PM so I am sure he will hit all of his hits. It is FREE (I think). The cool thing about this show is that it is one of those where you can see this and then go catch another show afterwards (Am I the only one who does this sort of two show nights?). So again it starts at 5:30 PM
  • Tiger Bar is having a show with the elusive Hello Damascus and Celilo. Hello Demascus was on a PDX Pop Now! compilation some years back and I really loved their song on it. I have been waiting to see them ever since. Unfortunately, they don't play very often (and more unfortunately, I am playing a show tonight). The show is at 9 PM.


  • Rontoms is having a one of their Sunday night shows this time with Grattillium, White Hinterland and AAN. I have yet to see Gratitillium play but have met them and they all seem like good folks. Plus I dig on Nick's other music. AAN is also really good. I love what they do. It is kinda haunted folk with some cool electronic/effects pedal flourishes. The show is part FREE and starts at 9 PM.
  • Valentine's s having a one of their Sunday night shows theirs with Pancake Breakfast (White Salmon, WA), Nate Ashley and Shake Speake. I have written about Pancake Breakfast and Shake Speake before. But I must admit that I really want to see Shake Speake. They are on that list I mentioned earlier of Portland bands that really want to see. Also depending on where you look Nate Allen is playing three shows tonight. This show is FREE and starts at 9 PM.
  • Dunes is having an early show with Unwelcome Guests, Kelli Schaefer, Crun Pun, Nate Allen, His Name Shall Breathe . I have had the pleasure of playing shows with both Kelli Shaefer and His Name Shall Breathe and I think I am in the right when I say that they are both soooo good. Also this is another show that Nate Allen is playing tonight. The show is only $3 and starts super early at 4 PM.

So if you see me at any number of these awesome shows, please approach me and say Hi. I will be very pleased and probably tell you much I like whatever band is playing or something of the sort. It will be fun.


Kelli Scheafer is doing her thang' for FREE on Sunday afternoon/evening or whatever that time period post 4 PM is.

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