Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ben Meyercords Live Picks Weekend Edtion March 6th - March 9th

Lordy Lordy are there a lot of shows in the next four days. So many that it is slightly painful to me think about. And even more irritating to write about. But alas, I love it. I love shows and going to them and knowing about them and writing about them. So here are those shows I mention earlier:

Thursday, March 6th

We got a couple of local CD release shows today and then some.
  • Music Millennium used to have a bunch of in-stores at the NW location, but that location has gone the way of Ozone Records (no longer open). Luckily for all of us on this side of the river, the East side location has picked up the slack. Today they will host a FREE in-store performance by Weinland at 6 PM. I like Wienland and if you like any kind of Americana, you might like them too. Badman Recording Co. liked then so much that they are putting out the bands newest album La Lamentor.
  • This will leave you plenty of time to head over to Holocene for another CD release show. This time for Panther who is releasing 14 KT on the Kill Rock Stars label very soon. Sharing the bill are one of my favorites Parenthetical Girls with Mattress rounding out the show. This show is $8. The doors are at 9 PM.
  • Or you could go to Kelly's Olympian to see a three tiered local show made up of Chores, Swallows, and Deer or The Doe. Looks like it would be fun to see. The cost of the show is $3. The doors are at 9 PM.
Friday, March 7th

When I was talking about all of the shows, I was specifically referencing Friday. Check out the seven shows I want to go to:
  • Berbati's Pan has seen better days, but they will occasionally have a show that I want to see. Friday night is one of those nights. Little Beirut(not related to the regular Beirut), play a show with Derby and Lael Alderman. Basically, last week local cut had one of Little Beirut's songs as a cut of the day. It sounded awesome. Kinda like older Cursive. This is theit CD release show. It costs $7 at the door. The show starts at 9 PM.
  • The usually pricey Crystal Ballroom occasionally (with the help of KNRK Alternative Portland 94.7 FM) will have shows for $9.47. They are having on such show on Friday featuring Helio Sequence, The Shaky Hands, and Pseudosix. It is part of the "I Saw Them When" series. So agian $9.47. The music starts at 9PM (doors are at 8 PM).
  • Also downtown, Someday Lounge is having an incredible show. Xiu Xiu and Thao & The Get Down Stay Down are playing with CIMTB favorite Dragging an Ox Through Water. Up until recently I have decided to not like Xiu Xiu. I listened to his most recent album, Women as Lovers, and can no longer deny that Xiu Xiu is awesome. It should be amazing.
  • In the NW you got The Wherewithals playing with Jared Mees and The Morals at Slabtown. This is a CD release show for The Wherewithals. But threason I mention thos show is because I really like The Morals. Both for their song writing and endlessly entertaining live and sloppy live shows.
  • Or, if you like Neil Young (who doesn't?), you could head on over to the Mississippi Studios to catch the Neil Young Tribute show. It features Dolorean, Matt Sheehy, and Mbilly. It should be good times. The show is FREE. The music starts at 8 PM.
  • And also, just because I Know Goldie would hate it if I didn't mention it, Black Elk plays tonight at Tonic Lounge. Drunken Ladies and Pacific Ballistic are also playing the show.
Saturday, March 8th

There are some good shows going on this Saturday. These are them:
Sunday, March 9th

I could only find one show on Sunday, but it looks like a good one:
So I hope to see you at some of these shows. And as always, if you see me, come say hello.


Weinland Play a FREE instore on Thursday at Music Millennium.


s to the teph said...

fyi: that was supposedly Prime Meridian's last show EVER. But you know how that statement from bands goes...

I unfortunately did not see them because I left after Chip played to catch the Parenthetical Girls at Rotture. They played some great new songs, but their new album will sadly not be released until end of summer/early fall...if we're lucky.


Ben Meyercord said...

God DAMMIT! when I heard their myspace I was all "This is an awesome band. I need to check out this band. " and then they pull a stunt like breaking up. Lame.