Friday, March 1, 2013

Public Recognition

Public recognition. It doesn't happen much to writers, unless you're Stephen King, but it
happened to me recently, and it was because of this blog.

I was trudging home with some groceries when I heard a voice behind me calling my name. I
turned and beheld an attractive young woman approaching me. "Are you Lee Widener?" she asked.
Resisting the urge to reply "Who wants to know?" I instead opted for the simple, tentative,
"Uh, yes..."

"I'm Jennifer," she said, offering her hand. I shook it. "I'm your neighbor. I recognised your
picture from the Crappy Indie Music Blog."

This was surprising to me. I'd only written two articles for the blog, and only because
blogmaster Jess Gulbranson wouldn't take no for an answer. It was unfathomable to me that
anyone would have read those articles, and that they would then connect a photo online with
their next door neighbor.

"Do you still write for the blog?"

I didn't really know if I did or not, so I offered a non-committal "I wrote a couple articles
for them."

"I'm in this band, Denim Wedding," Jennifer continued. "We just finished this CD. I'd like to
give it to you." She handed me a CDR.

Still dumbfounded by this chance encounter, I promised to give the CD a listen and write
something if I liked it.

Not knowing what to expect, I slipped the CD into my laptop and sat back to listen. What I
heard transported me back thirty-five years ago, when I lived in the college town of Eugene,
Oregon. One of my first girlfriends, Marj, played percussion in a number of small folkish
bands that performed in coffee shops and organic restaurants. The music was always based
around acoustic guitar and full of lyrics about hope and dreams.

Denim Wedding makes that kind of music. Their name is spot on- this is the music you'd expect to hear at a wedding where everyone wears denim. It's languid, heartfelt, sincere music about love. dreaming, adventure. Sometimes Jennifer sings. Sometimes Brian sings. Sometimes they both sing, and they're tastefully accompanied by just the right compliment of side musicians. It's never too showy, and it's never too spare. They've honed their sound into a perfect balance.

The CD I was given, titled Fancy Diving, is well produced. The sound is clear and rich, the lyrics are front and center, because above all, that's what Denim Wedding is about. It's a good CD for a lazy afternoon when it's too rainy to go out, or a cool night on the beach, or anytime you feel like spending a few minutes with good tunes from good friends.

You can check out Denim Wedding at:

Denim Wedding Website

Fancy Diving is only $5.

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