Friday, December 21, 2012


I totally swear that none of these entries will really have anything to do Christmas.  HAVEN'T I GIVEN YOU ENOUGH ALREADY!?!??!?



Ghost Thrower has the coolest fucking name ever.  It's like a combination of Bolt Thrower and a Patrick Swayze movie.  You know I love band names/album titles that have the word "ghost" in them!  What to expect? Not what I expected when I saw the band described as punk/emo.  Ghost Thrower harken back to that beautiful 90s period when everything was great in the world. Quoth singer Travis Alexander: "I wouldn't want to have a pissing contest over depression with people."  There's a snappy epitaph if I ever heard one! Official comparison: Weezer and Jawbreaker. To my ears, a combo of Jesus Lizard and Freemasonry.  Worth a listen!



So, I suppose I should have saved this for the next installment of Bat Country, but there's something special about Legacy.  This may be a first- he loves our blog so much that he has CIMTB as his internet home page.  I think that says something about the good work Kid Tyger has done educating the youth about the state of Portland hiphop.  What's the music like?  Maybe this will date me, and maybe it's too obscure, but I was reminded of Me Phi Me.  Very positive.  And the video... the video kicks ass.  See for yourself, but I'm going to find out more about this mystery rapper and report back.



You may recall how pissed I was when I found out that musician Elizabeth Mitchell was not actress Elizabeth Mitchell, who punched a nuclear bomb with a rock in  LOST and totally did it with Angelina Jolie in Gia.  Maybe I'm a jerk for posting a NSFW link in a review of a kids' record, but... hey, wait a minute!  Since when did youtube allow boobage to be shown?

I digress.  The august institution Smithsonian Folkways sent me a copy of  Blue Clouds, which maybe they wouldn't have done if they read my novel which features some pretty crazy shenanigans in the Natural History museum.  Regardless, they did, and I am glad.  This album is very chill.  Mitchell is that special kind of children's music artist who knows that you don't have to be all wacky and silly to make fun music for kids.  She has also taken an interesting path- her daughter and husband are part of her band on the recording this album.  I think that's great.  I've always believed in letting your kids record crazy shit, and this blog has witnessed a few of my daughter Amelia's weird music.  She recently turned 4, and offered to play glockenspiel in our doom metal band.  Long story.  Blue Clouds is a solid album, in equal measures peppy and tranquil, and Mitchell also covers one of my all time favorite kids' songs- "Kooks" by David Bowie.  Other artists covered are Hendrix and The Allman Brothers.

I've also just heard that she has been nominated for a Grammy for her other recent release, Little Seed.  That's awesome!  Let's wish Elizabeth Mitchell luck!

So what have we learned today?  Don't get in a pissing contest about depression, stay positive, and play music with your family.  I don't think it gets any better than that!

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