Thursday, December 20, 2012

Merry Christmas from Huw Costin

Sorry for the radio silence.  Sometimes being the editor of this blog is a lonely job. And when you have to focus on more literary pursuits for a few weeks, it becomes a quiet job. Well, except for my daughter singing "Dance, Magic Dance", but that is another story.

I've got plenty of things on tap, but for now, UK artist Huw Costin would like to give you a Christmas present... a holiday single called "Full Moon at Christmastime," backed with another topical track, "December.

He's officially compared to Buckley, Smith, et al, but I'll be damned if don't also hear some "Three Shadows Part 2" vibe in there as well.  We all know how I like a little darkness with my beauty.  Okay, a lot of darkness.  Costin's release is pretty cool.  You can stream at the Soundcloud above, or buy it on vinyl here.  That would make a nice late Christmas gift for the indie rocker in your life!

Look for Costin's next solo album soon!

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